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Website optimisation is a crucial form of controlled experimentation to make sure your website fully drives your business goals. Because for most successful brands, your website is the heart of your company. And that heart needs to be strong. Customers and potential clients visit your website with a subconscious expectation about what information they should be able to find there, how the site is laid out, and how it works.

Using a series of testing techniques and experiments, website optimisation practices determine what works on your website, and what doesn’t. Ultimately, it’s a process designed to ensure the result is more conversions for you and your business.

What is Website Optimisation?

Using tools, experiments and advanced strategies, website optimisation improves the performance of your website. Common goals web optimising achieves are bringing in more traffic, growing revenue and increasing conversions.

An important aspect of web optimisation is search engine optimisation (SEO). This is a technique that focuses on getting your website to rank highly on search engines for keywords related to your business and services. Essentially, it’s what puts you in front of the right audience – those ready-to-buy customers you want to visit your site. It’s also a tried and tested method for making your company as easy as possible to find online.

On-page optimisation is often included under the umbrella term of website optimisation. This practice makes sure any user that clicks onto your website has the best possible experience finding their way around, and the info they need. In turn, this leads users to specific actions and gives your site a higher potential for conversions.

Optimising your website is one of the most beneficial processes any business can take action on. It allows you to tap into an existing market of potential customers online as efficiently as possible. And all without the additional costs associated with an advertising campaign.

Why Website Optimisation is Essential

In 2020, global eCommerce sales reached $4.2 trillion, around 16% of all retail revenue worldwide. More than ever, consumers turn to the internet to not only buy products, but for reviews and research before purchasing.

The internet is also the most likely destination for consumers to turn to when looking for information about local businesses. This leads to significant numbers of online searches leading to not only online sales, but offline purchases too.

But if the content on your website isn’t fully optimised, the volume of users searching for terms relevant to your business has no effect.

Without website optimisation;

  • Your site won’t appear in results
  • You’ll struggle to grow your business organically

Website optimisation services make your company visible. They build a digital reputation for your brand using commonly used keywords and phrases that potential customers are searching for. Combining SEO with appealing web content, the team at Pivotal can reduce your bounce rate and keep customers on your website, right through to conversion.

Our experts will develop your website to optimise the user experience and efficiency of your site. This leads to maximum leads and sales generated from your website traffic.

Additionally, website optimisation can reduce your website and brand’s carbon footprint, and help the environment.

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Why Use Pivotal?

At Pivotal, it’s our aim to make sure your site is as appealing to real people as to search engines. But it takes more than just an expert eye to spot improvements. It also takes a series of important techniques and experiments to really make a significant difference. And that’s why hiring skilled professionals is the only way to go.

We begin by identifying issues with your current website. Without this knowledge, our improvements have no real foundation. We cover all areas, using software tools to check your SEO, mobile usability, page loading speed and various other potential areas of improvement.

Our services include checks and optimisation solutions for:

  • Page Loading Speed and insights into how this can be improved
  • Mobile Usability with tests to check your site is fully mobile-friendly
  • SEO (including backlinks) to increase your domain rating and beat your competitors
  • On-page SEO
  • SEO (top quality content for your site, with a focus on driving conversions)
  • A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, and Longitudinal Testing

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