Enterprise Hosting

A bespoke digital infrastructure for your business

Managed enterprise hosting is essential to successful profit-making for online businesses. And when speed, security and stability are paramount, Pivotal thrives. If you’re going to win your audience’s custom, your enterprise hosted website needs to be swift enough to hold user interest as well as offer both stability and security.

Secure and reassure your website visitors with a rapid, stable and safe hosting solution tailored to your website. Make your customers feel safe throughout their purchasing journey with an extended validation (EV) SSL certificate and trust signals around PCI compliance and GDPR. We will ensure your website is solid enough to support itself under extreme high volumes of traffic as falling short of any of these crucial elements could impact your customers and your profits.

Ecommerce Hosting Services

There are countless ecommerce hosting services available to run your business website through, and the Pivotal team are specialists in selecting the optimal choice for your ambitions.

Our hosting services are comprehensive.

  • Dedicated single-tenancy servers for global industry giants
  • Dedicated Hyperscale hosting for regional-level businesses aiming higher
  • Shared Hyperscale VPS, a flexible virtual server segregated for privacy and independence
  • Standard shared Hyperscale hosting for entry-level startups

First, we understand your business, goals, fears and desires. Then we find the hosting package to fulfil your needs.

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Developer Operations (DevOps)

Removing manual steps, reducing errors, boosting efficiency, and successful business scaling all rely on solid DevOps. This is where an enterprise development process meets website hosting and in turn offers a stable, process-driven release cycle.

Our DevOps approach to agile software development delivers industry-leading standards. This means we can automate and manually process crucial elements of your release.

  • Building
  • Testing
  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Control

Good DevOps plays a crucial role in the swift deployment of applications and necessary monitoring of success. And that’s regardless of the software, architecture, platform or purpose. From cloud-based and mobile applications to integration, modernisation and management, Pivotal’s ecommerce-focused and data-driven DevOps services provide businesses with a competitive edge.

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Local Hosting Service

For a friendly local service that takes your presence global, Pivotal’s comprehensive Norwich-based web hosting services are here to put you at ease. In addition, we offer a local and account managed experience for clients based in London, New York and Los Angeles.

  • We will make your website faster
  • We will ensure your website is always secure
  • With dedicated resources, we’ll make your website more reliable than ever

A flawless website and domain enterprise hosting service is the foundation of your online success. And that’s what we’re here to bring you. We take pride in delivering maximum value to every company we work with. That’s why our understanding of your needs and the best fit for them goes above and beyond the competition.

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Sell Your Hosting Company

At Pivotal, we’re always looking to expand our network of clients. Our enterprise hosting is fast, secure and stable. So if you have a hosting company and are looking to sell your customer base, you can be assured that Pivotal will take care of your needs.

We understand that selling your hosting company can be an enormous decision. You want to find a company that’s not only a good fit, but compensates you fairly for the work you’ve already put in. Our team of experts at Pivotal have the expertise and ethical approach to help you to make the right decision.

From walking you through the sales process to our outstanding customer support, it’s our job to make sure you’re able to sell your hosting company with ease and reap the rewards of your hard work.

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