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Proven Amazon Marketing strategies to help you win every opportunity on Amazon

By using the full power of Amazon Marketing resources, you can be seen and heard by huge audiences across the globe. But without a solid, proven strategy, it can feel like you’re whispering over the crowd at a football match instead. This digital marketing strategy will help you cut through that noise.

Amazon uses a strategy called high runner strategy to market the products on its site. This uses data to discover which products are in the highest demand in each category. Then, competitively prices those products and heavily bids on ads to pull buyers in. The theory is that once a customer is already on Amazon, they’re likely to buy not only the item itself, but accessory products, and all at full price.

What is Amazon Marketing?

Amazon Marketing is a collection of tools used to sell and promote products on Amazon. It is made up of:

  •  Amazon SEO, which optimises each product page to improve its visibility in Amazon’s search results.
  • Amazon Advertising, which uses native Amazon ad formats to endorse certain products and brands.
  • External Marketing, which uses channels not offered directly by Amazon.

Amazon’s advertising is different from most other marketplaces due to the amount of consumer data it gathers. The goal is to understand the shopping habits of Amazon visitors in order to deliver a better customer experience.

Once Amazon’s marketing tools have learned the most popular products, when they’re purchased, and how much each customer spends, the data is put into action. And Amazon uses this data to boost its performance by adjusting prices, and to power its advertising business.

Why Amazon Marketing is Essential

Amazon is one of the few online sales platforms that is known globally. And with a strong Amazon Marketing plan, your brand can also reach a global audience.

A competitive advantage on Amazon gives you a leg up on the millions of other sellers the platform has. Optimising your strategy gives you an edge and saves you money by preventing your products from being buried under the weight of the sheer number of items available on the site.

If you do your marketing correctly, Amazon will work in synergy with you to ensure that relevant target audiences are seeing your products internationally. In addition, Amazon then provides you and us with the data we need to continue to grow your business and make more sales.

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Why Use Pivotal?

Getting your products seen on Amazon is difficult. Especially with competition like resellers, big name brands, and Amazon itself. Pivotal’s team of experts have the skills and knowledge to help you with Amazon SEO, sponsored product campaigns and a marketing strategy to crush it on Amazon.

Our comprehensive approach is flexible to your requirements. Whether you’re looking for advice or a full overhaul of your strategy. We can:

  • Conduct initial research so we can understand your products, competitors and target customers
  • Optimise your product listings for Amazon searches. We do this by researching optimum keywords
  • Rebuild your advertising campaign. We’ll make specific recommendations based on the historical performance data and your current campaign
  • Manage your keywords. We’ll use continued analysis to reduce unnecessary spending on ads, so that all of your keywords lead to more sales
  • Manage your Amazon Marketing Strategy on a daily basis. We’ll provide data, reports and insights on a weekly basis so that we can continue to work with your business to provide strategic recommendations

Pivotal’s team of Amazon experts work with you to build a customised strategy that’s based on your budget, to ensure you get the most ROI for your marketing.

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