Website Analytics

Use data, insight & optimisation make smarter business decisions

From setting up website analytics for custom tracking, to running a conversion & revenue optimisation program based on quantitative and qualitative customer data. We will help you use data to grow your business.

Data over opinion. It’s how we operate and it’s how we will work with you.

Website Analytics Services

A senior team of specialists, covering everything from tracking implementations to end data analysis, provide the framework to measure your entire digital footprint. Some rely on us as their digital analytics team, others for focused Google Analytics projects – we’re flexible and adaptable your needs.

We can work with most major analytics platforms.

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Data Quality & Strategy

Things you need to know before your data is used to make decisions, for example, where to invest marketing budget.

  • Confidence that your data is accurate
  • The knowledge that your data is complete

Our Data Audit will provide.

  • Web Analytics Audit. Forensically review how and where your data is collected to learn how accurate it is
  • Data Strategy. Flexible planning to let your data mature and website analytics capability to make sure you are collecting the data you need when you need it

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Conversion & Revenue Optimization (CRO)

Good data leads to insight, insight leads to action. How do you measure that action and scientifically validate its impact?

With Conversion & Revenue Optimisation (CRO). You may have noticed, we’ve removed the focus on conversion rate – get in touch for a free CRO strategy call and we’ll tell you why.

Our approach to CRO is simple but incredibly effective, and adaptable to any website in any market.

  1. Generate test ideas
  2. Run split tests
  3. Measure results
  4. Learn

Take complicated methodology charts with a pinch of salt. CRO programs that deliver results do not follow a one-size-fits-all process, instead, they adapt to your business.

Our secret lies in how we adapt this to your business, goals and strategy, and how we execute each step in the process.

This can be as simple as Landing Page Design & Optimisation or a full end-to-end analysis of your prospects, customers and how they interact with your brand and website.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing, automated. Across many channels, there are repetitive activities that can be accomplished using applications. There are clear benefits to marketing automation.

  • Efficiency. Focus on the strategy, not the execution
  • Impact. Create a more personalised campaign for your users

Marketing automation can help.

  • Ad campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Channel Automation

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Data Visualisation

Stick to spreadsheets if you want.

Data should lead to action. For that to happen, it needs to make an impact and motivate. Information should influence decision making.

We design, build and automate reports and dashboards to help you understand where you are, where you need to be, and how you can get there.

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Tag Management

We use tags to implement all of the marketing tools in use on your website, such as site analytics, paid tracking, and CRM. The old fashioned way is to install them directly onto each page using your development team.

A tag manager provides a single point of management for installation, testing, updating, and removing tags from your website.

If you’re not using a tag manager, you should. Save a considerable amount of time for marketing and development and allow yourself to add tags in a safe, testable environment easily.

We can work with many tag managers.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tealium
  • Qubit OpenTag

We provide a one-off setup, maintenance or updating services for tag management. Many of our tag management projects see us owning our client’s tag management account and providing oversight to everything installed on the websites.

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