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With the continued and meteoric rise of content marketing, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a solid PPC campaign. It’s even easier to throw money at it and hope for the best. But at Pivotal, we’re here to make your money work for you, and we know there’s a better way.

Our PPC specialists are adept at everything from the initial campaign setup to ongoing optimisation. By combining our team’s talents, we’ll find the most profitable keywords to target so that your brand consistently reaches those ready-to-buy customers. After that, our memorable content and creative production methods take care of the rest.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Simply put, it’s an online advertising model in which businesses pay each time a user clicks on an ad for their company. There are several different types of PPC, but the one you’ll hear about most is the paid search ad. Which is the term for those ads you see when using a search engine such as Google.

The crux of PPC is that the advertiser (that’s you) only pays for the ads when a user actually clicks on the ad – hence the name.

At Pivotal, we’re experienced at targeting the most relevant and likely to convert keywords for your brand. As such, we can guarantee maximum visibility and return on ad spend (ROAS). With PPC, you can win at Google and other search engine algorithms, and reach your best and widest possible audience. All while only paying when a user actually clicks on your ads. Combine this with your SEO strategy and content creation, and you can dominate the web.

How Does PPC Work?

Successful PPC involves a skilled hand to understand your customers and their preferred search terms, particularly any keywords which indicate the user is ready to purchase, and effective optimisation to fine-tune your campaigns for the best results.

This multi-faceted operation involves:

  • Analysing audience insights
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Intricate bidding
  • Conversion-focused content and ad copy

Brands whose PPC campaigns fail are those who throw money at their chosen keywords without any thought to the broader strategy behind it. From planning to resource allocation, content creation and ongoing optimisation, PPC is a full-time commitment. Which is why most businesses turn to experts like our PPC team at Pivotal.

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Why Pay Per Click is Essential

Being the biggest search engine in the world, Google, its Display Network, and YouTube receive huge amounts of traffic every day. As such, PPC marketing using Google Ads will help increase your web traffic, acquire you new customers, and subsequently, drive more profits.

There are many factors in how successful your PPC strategy will be. But by focusing on the right areas, and regularly optimising your campaigns to ensure they’re as effective as possible, you can see an almost immediate result. The kind that you might not see with other types of more long-term marketing (content marketing, for example).

PPC can:

  • Bring you a quick ROAS
  • Widen the exposure of your brand to users who are ready to convert, whether that’s a purchase, sign-up, subscription or other
  • Reach a specific target niche, so that your ads find the right people at the right time and place
  • Match your ads to relevant search queries using keywords
  • Send consistent traffic to your website – fast
  • Give you “first page” exposure on Google
  • Ensure you retain full control of how much you spend

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Why Use Pivotal’s PPC Services?

Though PPC advertising may seem simple, it is deceptively complex to manage this type of marketing successfully. The time and effort required to stay up to date on developments to Google Ads (and others such as Microsoft Advertising) is substantial. As such, many smaller businesses struggle to find the time and resources. This means valuable growth opportunities can be missed.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of PPC is optimisation – but it’s also the most important aspect. Optimisation is an ongoing effort that helps to improve click-through rates and conversion rates. That’s why we’ll regularly refine your PPC campaign to keep you both saving and making money.

At Pivotal, we can find the right data and turn it into actions, including:

  • Keywords and top-performing search terms
  • Ad performance statistics
  • Bid optimisation
  • Negative keywords, that can help to further narrow down your target audience, saving you money
  • Conversions

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What Does a PPC Campaign Involve?

During your initial campaign setup, Pivotal will:

  • Perform specialist keyword research to find the most profitable keywords to target
  • Implement intensive conversion tracking methods to streamline optimisation
  • Create your PPC campaign based on your advertising intent, working with you to reach your desired audience and goals
  • Create content and copy that’s effective, tactful and memorable. We’ll use all our creative skills to raise your brand awareness and maximise click-through rate (CTR)
  • Setup monthly performance reporting, to be as detailed as you like

As the campaign continues, our ongoing optimisation includes:

  • Strategic bidding while assessing live data to ensure we’re bidding on the best keywords, placements and audiences for you
  • Ad optimisation using best practices, trialling various methods and mediums to reach and engage your audience, and deliver the highest possible conversions
  • Keyword expansion based on data analysis to help you generate more clicks and impressions
  • Negative keyword research to ensure your ROI remains high, and your ads reach only the relevant audiences. This helps your costs stay low, while your conversions keep growing
  • Digital transformation to further optimise your PPC performance. This ranges from website analytics to eCommerce websites and enterprise hosting.

In an ongoing PPC relationship, Pivotal will continue working with you to build and manage any new digital advertising campaigns.

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