Digital Strategy

Change how you use digital in your business, so you can grow your business

Good digital strategy informs where to invest, to maximise the impact of your effort. We’ll show you how to best reach your objectives. Identify changes which are needed in capability, culture and technology.

What is your long term digital plan? Is your company using only digital resources that will have the biggest impact?

Digital Strategy For Business

You know where you are now and where you want to be. A digital strategy agency is what sits between. We will recommend actions the business needs to take for it to grow.

The Strategic Plan is a business-performance review that provides a complete, lean and agile roadmap for growing your online business according to four fundamentals.

  • Benchmark. Our digital strategy consultancy audits your entire digital footprint, finds the missed opportunities for growth and establishes a roadmap of coordinated actions to execute your new strategic growth plan.
  • Measure. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We provide a framework to define and measure the KPIs needed to track the success of the strategic plan.
  • Coordinate. Our specialists design key internal processes across your business, channels, stakeholders and any external agency to provide a fully coordinated approach to the execution of your new strategy.

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Digital Transformation

How can tech improve your internal processes? Our strategic digital transformation audit will review your business ‘end-to-end’ to identify areas where technology (hardware or software) will have a positive, lasting impact.

The audit will give you four things.

  • Detailed problem definitions
  • Issue sizing and prioritisations
  • Recommend improvements
  • An execution plan

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Ecommerce Operations & Logistics

E-commerce demands are somewhat different to traditional sales, and require refined digital strategies. Standard operations and logistics, no matter how smart, are often not enough to fulfil e-commerce requirements.
At Pivotal, we understand that retail operations, when switched to e-commerce operations, don’t always have the capabilities to deal with online consumer buying habits. Add-on solutions can quickly be overwhelmed, and so we consult with you to improve upon your e-commerce logistics strategies.
Using our providers, we can integrate your logistics and e-commerce operations with inventory management solutions such as Linnworks, Channeladvisor and Despatch Cloud.

This is a crucial aspect of digital strategy. It helps make sure that your operations run as smoothly as possible, while leaving you free to manage the rest of your business.

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