Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Beat the competition, earn customer loyalty, and boost sales with Customer Relationship Management services

It’s no secret that data and customer insights are golden for any brand. Which is why consolidating that information into a single, easily accessed, easy-to-manage database is so vital. This combination of strategies, practices and technologies used to analyse and manage customer data and interactions is known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

CRM aims to enhance the customer experience, strengthen relationships and streamline your processes. As a result, this helps increase your sales, customer retention rates, boost your profitability and improve customer service.

When you need to take your customer service to the next level, a CRM system and strategy is the upgrade you need to get there. Manage your contacts and leads, understand your audience, boost productivity and brand loyalty, with customer relationships management services from Pivotal.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM isn’t new, even in its digital and automated modern forms. In fact, it’s a practice that’s been around since the dawn of business itself. It’s a tool to improve your brand’s efficiency and customer service. And, of course, it’s always evolving with the times.

Today, customer relationship management refers largely to the technical practices, principles and guidelines that you follow when dealing with your customers. This includes direct interactions (service-related and sales processes), forecasting, and the analysis of trends in customer behaviour. Various functions make up CRM systems. These include the recording of phone, email and social media interactions, as well as the automation of workflow processes like tasks and calendars, and the ability to track performance and productivity.

By streamlining mundane and repetitive workloads, CRM tools help optimise businesses. They do this by enabling employees to focus on other high-level and creative tasks. Essentially, they free up your time without compromising the customer experience.

Why CRM is Essential

As your company grows, it gets difficult to streamline your communications with both potential and existing customers. Manual management of emails, spreadsheets and customer data becomes inconsistent and unreliable. But CRM systems ensure that you never lose a single byte of customer data.

Small and large brands alike benefit from the use of a solid customer relationship management system. Having customer information like purchase history readily available can improve customer service and lead to more targeted sales and marketing techniques.

Meanwhile, having software that makes forecasting simpler and more accurate, helping you map out the full customer journey, provides a clear picture of all your leads and opportunities.

Proper analysis and interpretation of customer data is also crucial in identifying trends and insights into consumer behaviour. Which, in turn, enables brands to deepen their relationships with customers, colleagues, services users, suppliers and partners.

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Why Use Pivotal?

The best CRM software in the world means almost nothing without the help of real people to manage and make crucial decisions with the data it provides. While CRM technology can organise the vast amount of information gathered from your customers, it takes experts interpreting that data to turn it to your advantage.

By collating data about customer interactions across your channels, we can learn their likes and dislikes. We can learn their feelings towards your brand. At Pivotal, our experienced team can analyse this data to:

  • Heighten productivity
  • Empower Sales Management
  • Encourage cross-team collaboration
  • Improve contact management
  • Improves sales metrics
  • Enrich products and services
  • Improve the accuracy of sales forecasting
  • Boost your marketing ROI

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