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Most successful businesses have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. But what about content marketing? In a digital world, customers are consuming content all day every day, whether they understand what it is and how it works or not.

This is content marketing, and it’s the most powerful marketing tool at any brand’s fingertips.

How Can Content Work for You?

By providing valuable content that communicates not only what your brand does, but who you are as people and a business, the results speak for themselves. Content marketing doesn’t sell to your customers directly until the time is right. Instead, the aim is to engage, communicate and bring value. As a result, you become a steady and consistent source of knowledge and entertainment for your audience.

It’s earning the right to sell, because your customers have a choice. And content helps them choose you.

From developing your content marketing strategy to creating the content itself, Pivotal can provide the services you need to achieve your most ambitious goals. By implementing a strategy tailored to you, and providing engaging, value-driven content, we can raise brand awareness for your business, attract customers and shape audience and purchase behaviour.

What is Content Marketing?

Traditional marketing techniques often consist of what’s known as ‘interruption marketing’. Think leaflets, adverts, posters and similar. But content marketing is different. It’s integrated into our everyday lives. It reaches your customers where their attention already is, communicates and builds relationships with them. All without pushing the hard sale.

So, content is anything that’s consumed digitally.

  • Social media
  • Landing pages and website articles
  • Blog posts
  • Images and infographics
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Podcasts or other audio media

These are all forms of highly effective content marketing, proven to engage audiences and, in time, convert customers. But there’s more to it than creating content and posting it.

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Why Content Marketing is Essential

Content marketing is the past, present and future of marketing. By providing relevant and valuable content to established and potential clients, you can develop your company into an authentic, engaging authority on the topics that matter most to your customers.

Brands that use a focused content marketing strategy alongside their traditional marketing methods benefit from:

  • Increased trust and loyalty with your audience
  • A better understanding of customer desires, needs and habits
  • Higher conversions, turning audiences into customers
  • Improved sales
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • A strong social media presence
  • A positive impact on your SEO and Google ranking
  • Increased backlinks

Remember, Google rewards businesses that create valuable, high-quality content that’s informative and entertaining. Because of this, and the prominence of social media, content has never been more vital. And that trend is only on the rise.

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Why Choose Pivotal for Your Content?

Content marketing sounds easy. But in reality, it takes patience, hard work and persistence to succeed. It’s not an instant win. It takes time to develop trust and gain authority. Successful content strategies take dedication. It’s a full-time commitment involving creatives and strategists alike.

Regardless of your industry, Pivotal’s content team can:

  • Make sure the right people find your business
  • Build an engaged audience for your brand
  • Reduce your marketing costs
  • Help you acquire new customers
  • Build revenue with your existing customers

Our experience in both the creation and overall strategy of content marketing takes the pressure away from you, and frees you up to focus on your other business needs. We do the ‘heavy lifting’ so that you don’t have to.

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What are Pivotal’s Content Marketing Services?

If you need content created quickly that you already have planned out, we can help make it a reality. Likewise, if you’re searching for knowledgable experts to offer a broader strategic consultancy, or full content management services, Pivotal’s team can lend a hand.

Our content marketing services include:

  • High-quality written content (blogs, social posts, landing pages, product descriptions, white papers, press releases, newsletters and more)
  • SEO content
  • Content to drive conversions
  • Backlink content to build your domain authority
  • Professional video creation
  • Content strategy
  • Social media audit and strategy ‘playbook’
  • Full social media management services
  • Ad-hoc content advice and consultations
  • Any content you need writing to a high, magazine-worthy standard

Whatever your content needs, and whichever service you choose, remember this: Content is King, but distribution is the Queen. Without a strong strategy, your content marketing can be quickly lost and forgotten by the internet. And that’s why more businesses than ever employ services like Pivotal’s.

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