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Creating content that engages, informs, entertains and converts

Content marketing is the most powerful marketing tool in any brand’s arsenal to drive new users to your site and turn them into customers. But to do so, you need to create the right content. Quality content. Creating content isn’t just about product descriptions or listing your achievements anymore, and brands who evolve their content are brands who thrive in the new world.

The key with content creation is to provide value to your audience. And that’s why at Pivotal, we approach your content with passion, creativity and knowledge to produce educational, entertaining and well-edited copy that engages your target psychographic and demographic. No matter your audience, we can create the content you need.

Why Should You Care About Content?

The best content is informative, entertaining, and sometimes even inspirational. It tells the story of a brand. It finds the voice of a company and engages authentically with audiences to develop trust and credibility. 

We achieve this by creating content that’s of value to your customers, rather than always trying to sell them something. This is something many brands struggle with because it’s a different, more modern tactic to influence sales and business success. By focusing on creating valuable content that serves your target audience, you become more than just a business to them. You become part of their lives, drawing in more loyalty and new customers alike.

What’s more, the right content in the right place can increase brand awareness, build trust, and boost your online presence and domain authority through the use of keywords and SEO practices.

Why Content is Essential

Creating content is the best inbound marketing practice you can use to drive traffic to your website and build relationships with potential clients. That’s because by offering valuable information to your audience, at no cost, you’re encouraging quality engagement. This helps you to retain existing customers while simultaneously attracting new ones.

Not convinced? Here are some statistics that might help:

  • Content marketing costs an average of 62% less than traditional marketing and yet brings in 3 times as many leads
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that use content marketing get 126% more leads
  • A brand that publishes 16 or more blog posts per month gets 3.5 times more traffic than those that post four or fewer
  • Around 61% of online purchases are the result of a customer or client reading a blog

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What Content Can Pivotal Create?

Content creation is an umbrella term for the creation of copy, varying from articles and blog posts to videos, website copy, and social media posts. On the surface, it often seems like the type of content that anyone can produce. After all, you can set up a blog in minutes. But when it has to be suitable for various platforms and devices, you’ll soon find that an expert hand can make all the difference.

Pivotal’s content team can help you create and distribute:

  • High-quality written content (blogs, social media posts, landing pages, product descriptions, white papers, press releases, newsletters and more)
  • SEO content
  • Content to drive conversions
  • Backlink content to build your domain authority
  • Professional video content
  • Any content you need writing to a high, magazine-worthy standard

Our passionate team of writers and editors are experienced in creating content that resonates and provides value to your target audience. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Our content marketing services go far above and beyond creating content.

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Why Use Pivotal to Create Your Content?

At Pivotal, we have the expertise to develop your brand and create content that caters to your target demographic and psychographic. We do this by understanding your audience and finding the right voice for your company. By producing content that makes each reader feel like they’re being spoken to directly, we can create an environment that stimulates loyalty and trust.

We create content to fit your needs, and serve your target audience. But more than that, we’re flexible. You might choose us because:

  • You’ve got content needs and ideas, but no time to create
  • You know content is invaluable, but you don’t know where to begin
  • You’re looking for new revenue streams
  • You want to connect with your customers
  • You’re trying to adapt to a post-COVID world
  • Only the most effective marketing strategy will do

Trust Pivotal with not only your content creation, but your broader content strategy too, and the results will speak for themselves. We take the pressure away, and free up your time for what matters most.

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“Pivotal are very professional and great at what they do! They explain things clearly and are always available to answer any questions. They are a pleasure to work with.”

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