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The quality of the customer service you provide can and will determine the wider success of your business. Explore the web’s most innovative and advanced customer service software solutions, backed by the knowledge and expertise of the Pivotal team.

With our help, Zendesk has the potential to transform your brand’s approach to customer service and the quality of the service you provide like never before.

Backed by more than 140 years’ combined experience in the design and development of cutting edge digital solutions for business, Pivotal knows exactly what it takes to deliver measurable, on-going results. If you’d like to explore the unique and limitless benefits of superior customer service, get in touch with the Pivotal customer service team today.

Zendesk Customer Service


Good customer service is often what separates successful businesses from those that struggle to compete. Working as an online business, you may frequently find yourself and your team overwhelmed by lost communications, backlogging tickets, disorganised files and so on. You have every intention of providing your customers with the best quality service, but lack the means and the capacity to make it happen.

Which is precisely where the Zendesk solution comes into the equation – proprietary software with the potential to completely revolutionize your entire customer service system. Better yet, Zendesk also offers limitless scope for customisation, allowing every business to create a unique and tailored customer support system in line with their corporate branding and objectives.

Zendesk serves as a comprehensive, all-encompassing portal that provides the business with every customer resource it will never need. It represents a strategic and streamlined approach to the provision of superior customer service, making it easier to provide your customers with a dedicated and responsive service at all times.

With the Pivotal team on your side, your business will gain access to each and every advantage, feature and functionality available via Zendesk, including:

Streamlined Communication Formats. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch with you, with the help of Pivotal and Zendesk. This incredible platform offers fully flexible online messaging, voice support and live chat, giving your customers multiple communication channels to choose from when looking to contact your business.

Organisation/Multitasking Tools. Zendesk makes it easy to keep track of the most important communications that demand urgent attention, while at the same time allowing your customer service representatives to address multiple tickets at the same time to avoid backlogs. Critically important when dealing with a particularly heavy customer service workload.

Customer Self-Help Portal. Help your customers by giving them the opportunity to help themselves. Zendesk provides your customers with a rich and detailed contingency of information, providing answers to important questions and reducing the number of incoming communications. Great for freeing up time to be redirected to more important issues.

Analytics Tools. Use the powerful analytical tools provided by Zendesk to identify problem areas and issues regarding response times, in order to apply the necessary fixes before they become problematic. Take the initiative and control customer service issues proactively, rather than allowing them to both continue and escalate.

For more information on the various features, functionalities and benefits of the Zendesk approach to customer service, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call.

How Can Zendesk Help You?
With such an extensive range of options to explore when looking to improve customer support, what makes Zendesk so popular? Why is it that Zendesk has become the system of choice for millions of businesses at all levels on a global basis?

For the most part, it comes down to the way in which Zendesk provides unique simplification of your overall customer support system. Rather than dealing with countless complementary systems with their own individual advantages and attributes, Zendesk brings everything together in the form of a single centralised customer service hub.

All of which translates to multiple benefits for your business, which include the following:

Faster Responses
By allowing your customer service representatives to work on multiple tickets at the same time, you will be able to provide much faster responses with minimal backlogging. Research has shown time and time again that faster response times can and often do make all the difference.

Better Client Engagement
By providing your clients with multiple channels of communication for getting in touch with your team, they are far more likely to make the effort to reach out to you. Multiple communication channels ensure that you appeal to as many existing and prospective customers as possible.

Smoother Sales Experience
It’s also worth remembering that the quality of the customer service you provide has a direct impact on the overall sales experience. By providing customers with the important resources and information they need, overall engagement and conversion rates take a step in the right direction.

Customer Retention
What’s more, quality customer support also plays an important role in nurturing loyalty and customer retention. Along with providing superior customer support at all times, Zendesk also allows you to track and retain valuable customer data for the purposes of driving better customer retention.

Higher Reputation
Of course, there’s also much to be said for the value of providing truly outstanding customer service for your overall reputation. As you become known for delivering superior customer service on a consistent basis, your reputation can only improve as a result.

Bespoke Zendesk Customer Service Solutions
Here at Pivotal, we take pride in offering nothing but 100% bespoke digital design and development solutions for every type of business. Whatever it takes to provide you with the most capable and comprehensive Zendesk customer support package, you can count on the Pivotal to make it happen.

We know exactly what it means or what it takes to provide the kind of customer support that ensures you stand out for all the right reasons. With our help, Zendesk will comprehensively and permanently revolutionise the way you approach customer service provision – taking things to a much higher level for the benefit of your customers.

For more information or to discuss any of our customer service solutions, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call.