WordPress Development

Full-service WordPress design and development solutions from the most experienced team on the market. With more than 140 years’ combined experience in the creation and optimisation of outstanding websites, Pivotal has the knowledge, expertise and passion to deliver above and beyond expectations.

From the humblest of origins, WordPress quickly grew to become the world’s number one content management system. Powering millions of websites all over the world, WordPress continues to demonstrate its limitless flexibility and potential as a business tool. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need a website that speaks volumes for your business as a unique and authoritative online entity.

With the help of the Pivotal team, your business will benefit from a flawlessly functional and uniquely beautiful website.

WordPress Design


It’s our attention to detail and passion for perfection that separate the Pivotal team from the market’s more generic design teams. Whereas some see the conventional limitations of WordPress as a disadvantage, we see them as a challenge. An opportunity to work our magic and design WordPress sites unlike any others. You could call our efforts to create stunning websites obsessive – we certainly do!

WordPress Development
These days, getting by and building a competitive edge over the competition takes so much more than owning and operating a beautiful website. Instead, it takes strategic and highly innovative website development to create the kinds of sites that succeed. Along with comprehensive design services, we also offer dynamic and 100% bespoke website development solutions at every level. From boosting overall site performance to enhancing SEO to streamlining the user experience and so much more besides, we can and will do whatever it takes to provide you with a truly exceptional website.

WordPress Plugins
Our unrivalled experience with  website development allow us to identify precisely which plug-ins and extensions hold the most value for our customers. Nevertheless, we also take things one important step further by offering full-service plug-in design and development assistance where required. Regardless of what it takes to bring your website the unique standout qualities it needs, we’ll create the plug-ins you require from scratch. Which is precisely why as far as Pivotal is concerned, WordPress represents a website design and development platform with limitless potential.

WordPress Themes
Looking for the kind of  website that immediately stands out at a glance? The Pivotal team has unrivalled experience in the creation and optimisation of the most incredible WordPress themes for every type of business. We can create the kinds of 100% bespoke themes that not only give your business and your website the visual edge, but also create the perfect framework for you to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

WordPress Security
Our comprehensive WordPress security services are perfect for established and new-build websites alike. We pay particularly close attention to safety and security when designing and developing every website we work on. Both for the sake of your business and your customers, we highly recommend stepping up the security of your website in any way possible. Along with initial security development services and on-going upgrades, we can also help if your website is hacked or compromised in terms of security at any time. Simply get in touch with the Pivotal team for more information on any of our Security Services.

WordPress SEO
If you want your WordPress to gain the exposure it deserves, you need to implement strategic and on-going search engine optimisation. DSS Kiss specialises in the kind of white-hat, hard-fought SEO that drives measurable and on-going results through 100% organic means. We know exactly what it takes to improve the SERP rankings of any website. Every new website we build features rich and intricate SEO components woven into the fabric of every page. We can also offer comprehensive SEO services for existing WordPress websites.

WordPress Support
We acknowledge and understand the fact that even the most outstanding websites are nothing without the comprehensive support to back them up. As part of our total service package to customers at all levels, Pivotal is proud to offer a full support and aftercare service of the highest quality. From site outages to security issues to simple queries regarding on-going optimisation and performance improvements, the Pivotal support team is only ever a quick call away. Total peace of mind from the market’s leading design and development team.

Why WordPress?
The way we see it, there are five primary reasons why any business should consider using WordPress as its primary website development platform. Regardless of the size or nature of the business, there are certain benefits to WordPress that are entirely universal, such as:

  1. Simplicity. Even with little to no experience whatsoever, you will be able to take full control of almost every aspect of your website. An accessible and user-friendly platform with almost no learning curve whatsoever.
  2. Flexibility. In the hands of the very best development team, there is quite literally nothing you cannot do with WordPress. Even where its own inherent limitations come into play, customisation can transform the experience.
  3. As an open-source CMS used by millions of businesses all over the world, developers are constantly working on security fixes and enhancements. Used appropriately, it can be one of the safest platforms of its kind currently available.
  4. The vast majority of plug-ins, themes and even the basic platform itself are offered 100% free of charge, making WordPress a uniquely cost-effective platform, regardless of whether you go the DIY or expert route.
  5. SEO. If looking to get ahead in the rankings, a WordPress website could be just the ticket. WordPress opens up the possibility for strategic SEO to be used to its maximum potential – Google in particular being known to have something of a ‘thing’ for WordPress websites!

For more information on any of our services or to discuss a quotation for your business, get in touch with the Pivotal customer service team today.