WooCommerce Integration

Discover how WooCommerce integration could transform your website and your business, with a little help from the web’s most experienced and reputable development team. Pivotal brings more than 140 years’ combined experience to every project we take on, guaranteeing superior results for the lowest possible price.

If looking to make the most exceptional ecommerce solutions work harder for your business, the Pivotal team is standing by to take your call.

WooCommerce at Work


If you’ve been looking for the quickest, easiest and most effective way to transform your WordPress website into an outstanding online store, WooCommerce ticks all the right boxes. By an enormous margin, WooCommerce is the single most popular and capable shopping cart plugin for the world’s biggest and most widely-used CMS. If you have an existing website you’re looking to transform into a superior ecommerce enterprise, WooCommerce delivers the total package.

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs from all over the world are doing whatever it takes to cash in on the extraordinary ecommerce industry. By the end of 2016, total global ecommerce sales had already hit the $2 trillion mark. What’s more, by the end of 2018, this is once again expected to increase in excess of $2.5 trillion.

The most important thing to understand about ecommerce is that it most certainly isn’t a passing fad or trend. Instead, it represents the future of almost every aspect of retail across the board. We’ve already reached a stage where the vast majority of consumers are using the Internet to both do the research and purchase a wide variety of goods and services – the High Street having taken a near-fatal hit.

All of which means that with such ferocious competition, you need the kind of online retail site that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. With the help of Pivotal, the full power and potential of WooCommerce can turbocharge your online business like never before. Already powering more than 10,000,000 online stores all over the world, WooCommerce has become something of a new standard for powerful, effective and innovative digital commerce.

Comprehensive WooCommerce Solutions
Our unrivalled WooCommerce experience and expertise extend to each and every aspect of website design, development and optimisation. Regardless of your current position or future outlook for your business, we can take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Whether looking to get started from the ground up or in need of essential website improvements, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you take the lead over your rivals.

New eCommerce Business Creation
If all you currently have is a creative idea or vision for a future business, we can help bring both to life and make it work. We specialise in 100% bespoke WooCommerce service solutions, starting out at ground level and building everything from scratch with meticulous precision. From initial design consultations to the development of a world class website to on-going optimisation and customer support, we provide the total package under one roof. All we need is your initial vision for the ecommerce enterprise you’re looking to establish – Pivotal will take care of the rest.

Existing eCommerce Rescue
By contrast, we also offer a comprehensive range of services for existing websites and ecommerce enterprises. Regardless of your current position and performance level, we can help take your business an important step further. From increasing traffic volumes to boosting conversion rates to improving overall website performance and anything else required, we’ll take your site as it exists today and return it transformed. Whether looking to boost the profile of your business or simply maximise revenues while minimising overheads, we’ve got the tried, tested and trusted techniques to make it happen.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what WooCommerce could do for you and your business, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call.

Why WooCommerce?
With such an extensive range of options available for those looking to establish a strong ecommerce presence, what are the benefits of WooCommerce?

Here at Pivotal, we provide an extensive range of ecommerce solutions and service packages, built around a variety of powerful and scalable platforms. Nevertheless, there are certain reasons why WooCommerce continues to exist as the world’s number one choice for building and managing high-performance, low-maintenance online retail experiences.

Which include the following:

  1. Best for WordPress
    As it stands, approximately 30% of all ecommerce websites worldwide now operate on the WooCommerce platform. The simple reason being that WooCommerce represents the single simplest and most effective solution for those looking to convert WordPress websites into fully functional online stores. Which means that if you are already using WordPress, WooCommerce really is the obvious choice.
  2. Convenient Migration
    WooCommerce also makes the migration process as quick and easy as possible for those using alternative ecommerce platforms. Which means that even if you aren’t currently using WordPress, we can transform your website into the most extraordinary WooCommerce experience with ease.
  3. Open Source
    The benefit of an open-source platform like WooCommerce comes in the fact that millions of developers all over the world are constantly working on patches and improvements. In addition, there is an extraordinary global WooCommerce community to tap into for help and advice.
  4. Plugin Marketplace
    Another enormous benefit of the WooCommerce platform is the way in which there are somewhere in the region of 45,000 WordPress plugins currently available to enhance and improve the ecommerce experience. Some free, some paid – all worth checking out.
  5. Clean and Clear Interface
    These days, nothing matters more to consumers across the board than the kind of user interface that is clean, clear, intuitive and responsive. WooCommerce ticks all these boxes and more.
  6. Outstanding Responsiveness
    WooCommerce also offers a truly outstanding responsive experience for mobile consumers. Research suggests that more than 50% of customers will immediately and perhaps permanently walk away from an online business, should it be unable to provide an adequate mobile shopping experience.
  7. Analytics and Reporting
    When it comes to the crucial data you need to maximise the effectiveness of everything you do, WooCommerce provides strong analytical insights and reporting. Combined with our own input, you’ll benefit from no less than a blueprint mapping out a guaranteed success story for your business.

For more information on any of our WooCommerce integration and development services or to discuss your requirements, get in touch with the Pivotal customer service team today.