Does the Website “Wow” Factor Really Exist?

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When working in the field of website development and design, professionals often speak about the so-called “wow” factor. That is, the secret to designing and offering the kind of site experience that impresses visitors in a big way. It is no secret that standing out from the crowd is not easy – hence the determination to “wow” every single visitor who comes along.

The only problem is that the “wow” factor is most professionals interpret it simply does not exist.

A Multitude of Factors

If you’d like to see what we mean, carry out a little experiment for yourself. Head over to a website you think is impressive and try to figure out the thing that gives it the “wow” factor. The one element that single-handedly makes the website stand out in such a positive way.

Chances are, you will not be able to do it. This is because the “wow” factor as far as web design and development are concerned is the end result of a combination of factors that come together in perfect harmony.

Consider this – the most impressive imagery can have a spectacularly positive impact. Nonetheless, if it is paired with substandard content and a confusing navigation system, the whole website comes across as “low-end”. The same is also true for websites that feature quality content and look great, but are so sluggish, clumsy and slow that they are unbearable for the visitor to spend any kind of time with.

This in turn means that the elusive “wow” factor is much more complex than it initially appears to be. This is complicated further by the simple fact that what represents the “wow” factor” for some might not impress even a bit others. Nevertheless, there are some basic characteristics you need to focus on, if looking to deliver the “wow” factor to your business audience.

Make sure the following are given consideration and you will be heading in the right direction:

  1. Quality Content. Content still very much remains king. This includes everything your site features – text, video clips, imagery, animations and so on. Every last bit of content your site plays host to will have an important role.
  2. Unique Personality. Your brand will need to have a unique and strong identity, a personal voice and the kind of personality that all resonate with the target audience. If you instead come across as unauthentic, robotic or uninspiring, you will have trouble providing anything that comes even close to a “wow” factor.
  3. Aesthetics vs Experience. The expression “beauty is only skin-deep” surely applies as much to sites as it does to anything else. Regardless of how attractive and pleasing your website is, all the aesthetic beauty in the world can’t make up if it has poor user experience. If anything, it might be better to tone things down when it comes to the visuals, if doing so will allow you to provide a better overall experience.
  4. Dedicated User-Focus. Everything about your site should be created from start to finish from the perspective of the user. Try to put yourself in their shoes and work out what could “wow” you if you were in their place.
  5. Total Simplicity. Last but not least, the more you try to obtain the elusive “wow” factor, the more likely it will continue to elude you. It is the usual case of desperation leading people astray. The more intense, complicated and in general overworked your site becomes, the less attractive it will be in the eyes of your audience. Providing the “wow” factor is all about pinpointing what it is you can do best and dedicating to it all the commitment and focus you can.




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