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Web Development

Pivotal is proud to offer the UK’s most comprehensive range of premier web design and development services for every type of business. With more than 140 years’ combined experience in all aspects of innovative web development, we know exactly what it means to consistently exceed expectations.

As a premier web development company serving Great Britain and beyond, you can count on Pivotal to help you build and maintain an exceptional online presence. We specialise exclusively in 100% bespoke web development solutions, created in accordance with the unique requirements, expectations and budgets of every client we work with. From the earliest design stages to implementation and optimisation to on-going aftercare, we strive to serve as the only team of web development specialists you will ever need.

Whether looking to set up a small online business, improve the performance of an existing enterprise or bring your website to the biggest possible global audience, we can make it happen. Reach out to a member of the Pivotal customer service team today for more information, or to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

We Listen
As a result-focused web development team with unrivalled experience and expertise, we know what it means to actively listen. We listen to our clients, discuss the available options and advise accordingly. We take your ideas, your plans and your objectives extremely seriously, using our honed talents and creative thinking to bring them to life. What’s more, as an independent web development company with no brand ties or affiliations, you can count on our advice and support as 100% honest and impartial at all times.

Unrivalled Experience
The Pivotal team brings an extraordinary 140 years’ combined experience to each and every project we take on. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of small and large businesses alike achieve the kinds of things their respective owners never believed possible. What’s more, we view every project and challenge as a unique opportunity to further our experience and expertise for the benefit of our customers. If looking for a web development team that thrives on continuous improvement, you’ve come to the right place!

Creative & Technical

From graphic design to website development to custom programming and so much more besides, we combine exceptional creativity with unsurpassed technical skills. We take enormous pride in providing our customers with inspired ideas and suggestions for the improvement, optimisation and general evolution of their online assets. The way we see it, effective web development is all about bringing creative, inspirational ideas to life by way of complex technological know-how. If you’d prefer to work with an all-round web development team capable of covering all bases under one roof, Pivotal would love to hear from you.

Comprehensive Web Development Services
The Pivotal team works hard to provide a truly comprehensive range of web development services, suitable for large and small businesses alike. From the smallest online stores to the largest multinational businesses to first-time freelancers, our web design solutions are tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Just a few examples of our areas of expertise in web development include the following:

  • Magento Developers
  • Magento 2 Developers
  • WordPress Development
  • PHP Development
  • B2B Web Development
  • MySQL Development
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Optimizely Conversion Rates
  • Plesk Integration
  • GitHub Source Control
  • White Label Development Agency
  • Site Speed Improvement
  • Bitbucket Source Control
  • cPanel Integration
  • Zendesk Development Partners
  • Atlassian Jira Specialists
  • Selenium Automation

As we’re continually improving and expanding our web design and development services, the list is by no means exhaustive. If you cannot find the exact service you are looking for listed on our website, reach out to a member of the Pivotal customer service team for more information.

The Key Phases of Website Development

Web development expands on primary website design by focusing on the enhanced performance, value and overall quality of your online presence. In order to achieve the best possible results, the web development process is typically broken down into a series of key phases. Which phases are applicable to your own project will be determined by the current position and status of your business and website, along with your goals and objectives.

Phase 1 – Information Gathering
Every web development project with Pivotal begins with extensive information gathering and analysis. It’s during this introductory stage that we will determine your goals and objectives, the extent to which your website is currently delivering results and any potential areas for improvement. By taking into account your performance, position, target audience, budget and your short and long-term goals, we’ll know exactly what’s needed to make it happen.

Phase 2 – Planning
Every successful business project begins with a solid plan. Armed with the information gathered in the first phase, the Pivotal team will formulate a strategic and efficient plan for the development of your website. Rather than simply making things up as we go along, we prefer to provide meticulously planned web development and solutions with every possible consideration and contingency factored in.

Phase 3 – Design
If you don’t currently have a website up and running, our team will take care of the design process in its entirety. If you already have an operational website, we’ll consider its aesthetics, structure and architecture in general. This will allow us to create a blueprint for the development of an attractive, efficient and user-friendly website for your specified target audience. From simple design tweaks to comprehensive overhauls to new site builds from the ground up, it’s all part and parcel of the service package from Pivotal!

Phase 4 – Site Development
The development phase is all about breathing life into the agreed vision for your website. A combination of complex coding, on-page creative prowess and technical know-how is used to create a final product that brings together form and function in perfect harmony. During the site development stage, we will also embed rich yet undetectable SEO elements in the very fiber of each and every page of your website. We know exactly what it takes to produce websites that appeal to the major search engines, giving you and your business the best possible shot at a prominent SERP ranking.

Phase 5 – Launch & Marketing
The success of any website launch or relaunch will always be determined by your marketing strategy. When your website has been comprehensively tested for consistent performance and all errors ruled out of the equation, the Pivotal team will ensure your message reaches the right target audience. We can provide you and your business with a comprehensive web marketing and promotional solution, combining SEO, PPC and countless more effective strategies. With our help, your website will be impossible to miss by your target audience.

Phase 6 – Post-Launch
One of the most important phases in the wider web development process, the post-launch stage is on-going. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a ‘finished’ website. In order to remain one step ahead of the curve, you need to strive for continuous improvement at all times. Which can be made considerably easier by partnering with Pivotal. From overall site speed and performance to security to bug-prevention to UI enhancement, your web business needs to evolve alongside its target audience.

Here at Pivotal, we work hard to provide superior web development solutions that are comprehensively accessible, affordable and flexible in the extreme. Whatever’s necessary to take your business from where it is right now to where you’d like to see it tomorrow, we’ll make it happen.

Why Pivotal?
With hundreds of web development specialists to choose from, why should you choose Pivotal? What is it about our approach to web design and development that makes us any different from our competitors?

The way we see it, Pivotal makes six critically important service promises that have never failed to resonate with our customers through the years:

We Build Powerful Custom Websites
First and foremost, we design and develop 100% bespoke websites of limitless power and scope. We never have and never will rely on templates or prefabricated designs – we’re also not in the habit of taking shortcuts. As each and every client we deal with is unique, we insist on providing nothing but unique web development solutions accordingly.

We Focus on Simplicity
Unlike some, Pivotal isn’t in the habit of trying to impress clients by complicating things simply for the sake of it. The same also translates to the websites we design and develop. Our team works extremely hard to keep things as simple as possible from start to finish, using the simplest tools and approach possible to deliver the results you require. This way, the websites we develop are not only fast and efficient, but are far less prone to bugs and errors.

We’re Committed to Low Prices
While we refuse to compromise on quality under any circumstances, Pivotal is nonetheless committed to the lowest possible prices. We do everything we can to keep our own heads as low as possible and pass all savings directly on to our customers. We stand by our policy which eliminates hidden charges, undisclosed fees and charging for any work whatsoever that hasn’t been fully verified and authorised by the client.

We’re Friendly and Approachable
We also understand that the complexities of web design and development can be a daunting prospect for some. Which is precisely why we pride ourselves on remaining as friendly and approachable as possible at all times. If you’ve a question to ask, we’re here to answer it. If you’re far from tech-savvy, we’ll help bring you up to speed in jargon-free English.

We’re Honest and Impartial
We continue to rely on word-of-mouth as our primary marketing strategy – just as we have since the day we went into business. Most of our clients find us by way of referrals from other satisfied customers. Which we can largely credit with our on-going commitment to honesty, integrity and comprehensive transparency at all times. Working as an independent company with no brand ties or affiliations, you can count on the advice and support provided by Pivotal as 100% customer focused at all times.

We Stand By the Results We Deliver
Last but not least, we don’t just claim to be able to provide our clients with superior results. Unlike some, we guarantee it. We stand by the results we deliver and refuse to consider a project complete until our objectives have been met. Our flawless track record stems from the fact that we never make promises we can’t keep and will not accept projects we can’t confidently complete. In a nutshell therefore, when Pivotal says we’ll get the job done, you better believe will get the job done!

Call the Team Today
Whether ready to go ahead with web development or simply considering your options, the Pivotal team would be delighted to hear from you. Get in touch today for more information, or to arrange an obligation-free consultation.