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Web Design

Discover what makes the difference between an everyday website and an exceptionally powerful online presence, with the help of Pivotal. With a combined experience of more than 140 years, our team knows exactly what it takes to create extraordinary websites that set new standards for your niche.  Whatever your expectations and objectives, you can count on Pivotal to make incredible things happen.

We take enormous pride in offering a comprehensive range of web design and development services under one roof, catering to the needs of small and large businesses alike. Our primary specialism lies in the design and development of 100% bespoke websites and complete digital solutions for all purposes.  Whether looking to launch a new business from scratch or improve the performance of an existing enterprise, Pivotal is here to help.

For flexible, affordable and high-performance web design that delivers measurable results, Pivotal has you and your business covered.

Comprehensive Web Design Services and Solutions

By creating 100% bespoke service packages in accordance with the requirements and objectives of our clients, we can guarantee uniquely superior results for the lowest possible price. From rudimentary website tweaks to major performance improvements to comprehensive design and development services, Pivotal covers all needs under one roof.

Across the United Kingdom and beyond, we’re proud to have helped dozens of businesses spanning countless industries with an extensive range of web design services.

Client Research
Our natural curiosity compels us to go the extra mile when it comes to client research. Unlike some, we don’t simply glance at our clients’ businesses and get to work. The way we see it, the better we understand you and your brand, the more help we can offer. It’s easy to make assumptions – we prefer to find out the facts for sure. By asking questions, doing our homework and digging as deep as we can, Pivotal gets to know your brand inside and out.

Site Audits

If you already have a website up and running, we can provide you with the comprehensive site audits you need for targeted improvements. While some rely on antiquated bots and automated techniques, we prefer to carry out hard-fought manual audits of an entirely higher standard. We’ll take into account the bigger picture and the finer details alike, in order to determine which aspects of your current site are getting the job done and which are underperforming. Our site audits result in the production of meaningful metrics, which can be used to focus on any and all improvements required, in accordance with your objectives.

Competitor Analysis
Of course, gaining that all-important competitive edge isn’t only about evaluating your own performance. Instead, you need to know exactly what your competitors are doing – particularly what they may be doing better than you. After all, you can’t expect to outperform your rivals if you don’t already know how they’re performing! Pivotal uses extensive and strategic competitor analysis to gain an accurate picture of what’s happening across your wider niche as a whole. An integral part of the web design and development process to ensure the final product speaks volumes for your business.

Journey Mapping
Every aspect of web design and development should be gone about from one perspective alone – the perspective of the end-user. While your own ideas and priorities might make sense to you, your target audience may have entirely different opinions. It isn’t until you step into the shoes of the end-user and consider their journey from start to finish that you truly understand the quality and functionality (or otherwise) of your website. Pivotal has unrivalled experience and expertise in every aspect of journey mapping, which enables us to design and develop websites that provide the total user experience.

UI Design

Each and every aspect of the way in which your customers interact with your website must be taken into account and carefully analysed. Over and above all the technical aspects of web design and development, nothing matters more than the provision of a streamlined, effective and intuitive user interface. Once again, what represents the ideal user interface to you as a business may not be shared by your primary target audience. Having designed and developed such an enormous range of websites over the years for a diverse list of clients, Pivotal knows exactly how to design and engineer the ideal user interface for any online business.

User Testing
What’s the biggest web design mistake you can make? Assuming everything works and allowing your customers to find its various flaws and faults. The problem being that when website testing in its entirety is left to bots and automated software programs, you don’t get a complete picture of its functionality or reliability. By contrast, user testing brings real human beings into the mix – users with the capacity to test your website from the perspective of an actual customer. Here at Pivotal, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of website testing services, which make the best of both software and human testing processes alike. The experience your customers deserve, the peace of mind you need.

Web/Social Content Strategy
Make no mistake about it – your wider web content strategy will play a significant role in determining the success of your website. Both in terms of your primary web content and your social content strategy, outstanding web design is nothing without the killer content to back it up. After all, users primarily visit websites for their content – a site devoid of content being a site with zero value. Here at Pivotal, we believe that your immediate and on-going content strategy should be factored into the website design and development process from the earliest possible stage. This way, your bespoke web assets can be created with complete precision to support and enhance your content strategy.

Responsive Design

Some web design companies will tell you that it’s more important to focus on mobile design than desktop. While others will of course tell you that the opposite is true. Here at Pivotal, we don’t believe in focusing on one option over and above the other. Instead, we focus on the kind of creative, innovative and high-performance responsive design that creates a flawless experience across all devices without exception. We wholly reject the claim that responsive design means having to make sacrifices and cut corners for mobile users.  Having designed countless responsive websites for prestigious clients over the years, we’ve comprehensively proven this is untrue. While responsive design may represent a challenge, it’s a challenge the Pivotal team has successfully mastered!

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
Conversion rates represent a key measurement as to how successfully or otherwise a website is performing following its launch. Not to mention, one of the most important factors determining a web company’s success. Substandard conversion rates translate as substandard revenues, making it difficult or impossible to survive. That said, however your conversion rates are currently performing, targeted conversion rate optimisation services from Pivotal could make all the difference. Through intensive performance and customer behaviour analysis, we can pinpoint exactly where, when and why you are losing potential conversions. After which, we can make the necessary adjustments to give your conversion rates a solid push in the right direction.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
The importance of appearing prominently in the major SERP rankings has never been greater. More websites competing for the top spots, growing dependence on Google worldwide and increasingly limited room at the top. All of which aPivotal up to a clear illustration of the criticality of effective SEO. Make no mistake about it however – SEO from a modern perspective couldn’t be further removed from the black-hat SEO of years gone by. Here at Pivotal, we specialise in the provision of comprehensive search engine optimisation services for existing and new-build websites alike. By weaving complex and powerful SEO elements into the very fibre of your website, you’ll stand the best possible chance of appearing prominently – without compromising your site’s quality. If your current SEO performance simply isn’t up to par, we can also provide you with a comprehensive SEO audit to pinpoint potential problems.

Online Brand Development
Everything about our web design and development services is geared towards the creation and optimisation of a strong online brand. Your website represents the first and often only impression most of your customers will receive about your business as a whole. In essence, your website is your business.  Approached strategically, every aspect of web design can be tweaked and tailored to improve and enhance your image, your message and your appeal to your target audience. As the expectations of every audience differ significantly, you need a web design specialist that’s willing to do its homework!

Why Choose DSS Kiss?
What makes the web design and development services of Pivotal stand out from the crowd? Or to put it another way, why should you entrust our team with some of the most important aspects of your online operations?

The short answer – Pivotal knows what it means to exceed expectations, every time. We stand by the results we deliver, we refuse to settle for second best and we’re constantly working to enhance and improve our services.

Unrivalled Experience and Expertise
Boasting more than 140 years’ combined experience in all aspects of digital design and development, the Pivotal team’s expertise is truly unrivalled. Our reputation speaks for itself and we’ll stop at nothing to add your project to our prestigious portfolio.

Wall-to-wall Service with Dedicated Support
Pivotal has worked hard to become the only web design and development specialist agency you will ever need. From initial web design to comprehensive development to optimisation to aftercare, we’ll be right by your side throughout the journey. Plus, as an independent British business with no brand ties or affiliations, you can rely on our advice as 100% honest and impartial at all times.

We Specialise in Long-term Partnerships
Unlike some, we never consider any web design or development service ‘complete’. Instead, we prefer to forge meaningful and long-term relationships with our clients, targeting continuous improvement and helping those we work with retain a competitive edge.

A Streamlined, Quality-Driven Process
Above all else, Pivotal focuses on superior quality and the delivery of measurable results. Our creative, innovative approach to web design and development allows for streamlined, simplified processes which add up to significant savings for our customers.

Pivotal goes over and above the average by bringing proven pride and passion to every project we take on. We would love the opportunity to work with you and help take your business to a higher level, through strategic web design, development and optimisation.

For more information or to discuss any aspect of web design, get in touch with the Pivotal customer service team today.