The Most Amazing Website & Kitchen Printer EVER

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We’ve finally done it. Here at Pivotal Hosting, we’ve been working hard for over a year to create a solid, high performance and profit yielding package exclusive to fast food restaurants that offer a delivery and collection service.

Presenting: Fast Food Advantage.

We have engineered a new structure of website for smaller business looking to compete with the large and dominant forces in the industry like Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut.  Until now, as a local restaurant owner it has been impossible to afford the costs of creating a website which offered your customers anything which compared.

We have worked tirelessly to create our ‘core’. The engine which powers the website software we are offering you. We are constantly working on our core by adding feature updates and additional security. The reason our product is so affordable is because we maintain ownership of our core engine and rent it to you for a small set monthly fee. We also charge a one off setup fee which is paid via lease and covers the cost of everything we need to get you going. This includes both your hardware and software stylisation and configuration.

Some of the key features of Fast Food Advantage are:

  • Cheap & Easy Setup – 30 Days From Signing Up
  • Constantly Improved Upon and Developed
  • Works Out of the Box – Just Plug & Play
  • Full Brand Work-up with our Designers to Give You the Edge
  • Accept Credit Cards, Debits Cards & PayPal
  • Gain Instant Access to Your Income – No Waiting Around, Your Money Is Yours
  • A Proven Making Solution – With Good Promotion Online & Offline You WILL Make a Profit
  • Packed With Featured – Making Your Customer’s Journey Easy
  • Access & Keep Your Customer Data – Your Most Valuable Asset To Market To
  • Create Unique Special Offers & Meal Deals
  • Your Own Perfectly Worded Terms & Conditions Customised for You – Keeps You Covered
  • A Pivotal Hosting Designed Powerful 3G / WiFi Printer Hardware – Expandable To A Full EPoS Till System (Upon Request & Additional Fee)

The list could go on and on.

For more information and to get your restaurant hooked up:

call: +44 (0) 203 287 6022

email: [email protected]

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