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There are some out there who think that getting your articles read means getting traffic to hit your pages with the help of a competent SEO partner. Sadly however they’re wrong…completely and utterly.

Think about it – can you honestly say you always read the content of any web page you hit in full before abandoning it for pastures new? Of course not – chances are in fact that you don’t bother with about 90% of all the web pages you find your way to as they aren’t in any way up to the standard you were expecting.       top-tips-for-getting-your-articles-read– seo-gold

And this is where the difference lies – getting your pages read means using those plucky SEO specialists to get them there in the first place, but also making sure the content itself is precisely what your readers are looking for. And no, this isn’t a remotely easy job and demands expert care, attention and experience to get right.

So, what are the secrets for getting your website visitors to stay around long enough to actually read what you have to say?


Regardless of the business area or niche you’re in, rule number one each and every time is to make sure your content is digestible and never overwhelming. Roughly translated, if your readers arrive and are greeted with a single solid 2,000-word block of text, you can guarantee that less than 0.01% will actually stick around and read it all. Maybe you need 2,000 words to say all that needs to be said, but this doesn’t mean you can’t break it up into 100-word chunks and ideally split it between a series of pages. Think of it as spoon-feeding your knowledge, rather than battering the reader with a shovelful all at once.


Next up, be sure to tailor everything you have to say in such a way as to make it unique. Chances are you won’t be making industry headlines on your own and you’re probably in a niche with hundreds of others doing the same thing, but it doesn’t matter – you need your own take on things. If all they see is what they’ve already read elsewhere, why should your site stand out and be memorable? It shouldn’t, and it won’t be, so be unique at all times and leave regurgitation to others.


One of the worst things you can do is go flying off on a random tangent that isn’t in any way related to why the reader came to your site in the first place. They are there for a reason and not just for the sake of it, so it’s vital to keep this reason in mind and stick to it like glue. There’s always plenty of time for waffling on in your later pages, if you really must.


And finally, one sure-fire way of losing any and all authority on any subject is to litter your content with spelling mistakes, poor grammar and a general lack of flawlessness. In fact, even just the odd typo here and there is usually enough to make your readers lose all respect for you.



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