Three Ways Content Marketing Benefits Ecommerce Businesses

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An effective content marketing strategy can benefit almost any business of any size. Nevertheless, ecommerce businesses in particular stand to benefit enormously from strategic content marketing.

By investing in the production and publishing of quality content for your ecommerce business, you stand to drive improved performance in three essential areas:

Better Organic Rankings

Right off the bat, content marketing can be a particularly powerful contributor to an organic search marketing strategy. For one thing, Google is constantly on the lookout for quality sources of information that are both unique and regularly updated. In addition, more content means more opportunities to use keywords and long-tail search terms to your advantage.

The major search engines are powered by algorithms that are designed to pinpoint producers of relevant, informative and engaging content of the highest quality. Along with giving the reader every reason to take you seriously, publishing quality content demonstrates authority in the eyes of Google and Co. All while driving engagement and loyalty in your target audience.

Attract Customers Before They’re Ready to Buy

Attempting to attract qualified traffic is a common tactic. The problem being that by the time a customer has made the decision to buy something, you’ve very limited time left to win them over. There’s a strong likelihood they’ve already decided where they’ll spend their money, which may or may not be with your business.

With a content marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to attract and engage customers beforethey’re ready to buy. They could be researching products and services online, keeping up to date with the latest industry updates of interest to them or simply looking to be entertained. If you’re able to get them on-board with your content and develop an affinity with your brand, you’ll be their first port of call when the time comes. 

Blogging, maintaining a strong presence on social media and guest posting being three effective ways to attract customers ahead of time. 

Boost Your Reach with Shareable Content

Last but not least, it’s worth considering what happens each time a reader is particularly impressed or entertained by one of your posts. Chances are, they’ll want to share it with their own friends, followers and contacts. This is the kind of word-of-mouth marketing that can be worth its weight in gold. Along with boosting your reach, the impact of your content is enhanced by the fact it has been recommended by somebody 100% objective and independent.

Technically speaking, we’re all influencers in our own way. If we personally recommend something to a friend or family member, they’re likely to believe us – and the same the other way around. So when content is recommended to us by someone we know, we inherently view it with a certain sense of trust.

The more shareable your content, the more likely it is to reach and influence the widest possible audience within your niche. 

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