Thinking About SEO: Some Quick Wins

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Some SEO quick wins!

Most small businesses know that properly executed SEO can make a big difference to their website traffic, even if they do not have the advertising spend to support it with paid PPC.  However, budgets for web design changes are often small, so it is important to get the principles right.  A new SEO report from online marketing community Econsultancy is worth a look, as it covers some low investment SEO techniques, tips and tricks for gathering, in its words, the “low hanging fruit” of SEO.

For example, when you write content for your site, are you concentrating on making sure it is the kind of content that the search engines like? Make it unique, relevant, informative, and keep an eye on your spelling and editing too; search engines are not just looking for interesting content but also flagging up content that is poorly executed, which will hurt you in the rankings.

Once you have created that unique content, make sure you work to get it out on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and make it easy for readers to share it with their networks.  Add Facebook Like and Tweet This buttons wherever you have good, shareable content, be that a blog post, interesting news snippet or an informative video.  Encouraging online word of mouth is not just good PR; it is good SEO practice too.

Finally, keep site optimization in mind at all times.  Do not just review your SEO a couple of times a year; think about it whenever you make changes to the site; for example, are all your internal links kept consistent when you change something?

Getting SEO right can make a huge difference to the success of a small business; do not neglect the basics.

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