The What, Why and How of Effective Infographics

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Chances are by this stage in time, you probably already know how effective infographics could be. However at the same time, you may not fully understand why exactly infographics have such a high impact, or precisely what about them generates so much interest.

Which is why we decided we would focus on a couple of the fundamentals here, explaining a few curious facts about these incredible marketing tools.

Why Do Infographics Work? 
What we do know for sure about infographics considering the number of studies carried out to date is simply that they’re amazingly effective in terms of both nurturing engagement and capturing audience attention. When it comes to the reason why, most professionals agree that is all comes down to the fact that the majority of all information picked up by the brain happens to be visual. Such information is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, while using images improves information assimilation by around 400%. In terms of infographics, these simple tools cleverly combine visuals and text in a way that makes potentially confusing or complicated information much easier to digest and understand. All of which explains why just glancing over an infographic for a second can see the user absorb and remember considerably more information than had they been reading a block of text for several minutes.

What Makes Infographic Sharable and Likeable?
As is the case with the majority of web content on the Internet, the key to creating awesome infographics is in offering the viewer something useful. It could be something entertaining, surprising, shocking or educational – anything that makes sure that by the time they get to the end, they feel they have benefited in some way from the information received. And as it’s human nature to want to share such information with others, chances are they will do exactly that. The reason infographics tend to be much likable and sharable than standard text is the way the reader subconsciously appreciates the fact that they picked up the essential information conveniently and quickly.

How The Use of Infographics Can Drive Traffic
When it comes to using infographics to drive traffic to your webpage, there are some tips and tricks that will get the job done more effectively. For instance, it is always a good idea to follow up infographics with high-quality articles – improving SEO prowess and engagement at the same time. Additionally, the more channels and websites through which you publish your infographic, the better. Always make sure that the infographics you create are up to date and relevant, as opposed to just stuffing anything and everything into an infographic in an attempt to attract traffic. And as usual, there is nothing more effective than simple emotional impact and appeal in terms of nurturing shares – just as long as it is accurate, relevant and does not take things to extremes!



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