Transform Your WordPress Sidebar in 10 Minutes

As functional as it may be, your WordPress site’s sidebar is also one of the most important of the entire site. But if you were to be honest, chances are you haven’t really given a great deal of thought to your sidebar at all as of late…if ever. Sidebars serve a variety of helpful purposes … Read more

WordPress Website Hosting

One kind of open source application is WordPress, which has become very well known nowadays. It allows users to use it in a convenient and easy way to manage and publish online content without any programming knowledge and expertise. Initially, the main aim was to enable bloggers with WordPress to publish their work online without … Read more

Tree Blogging with WordPress

WordPress website hosting is offered by many companies. However, when you choose a company to host your WordPress tree planting blog, be sure to check that it is capable of hosting WordPress. WordPress is mainly known as a website where you can design your own blog by downloading its free software. When you decide that … Read more

WordPress Hosting Questions Answered

Why choose a host which advertises as a ‘WordPress’ host? Firstly, if you don’t know what a wordpress host is, you may be reading this thinking… yeah why? Well, WordPress has only a few requirements in order to be installed but those requirements are important to hosting a reliable content managed site. It helps to … Read more