000Webhost Finally Admits Massive User-Data Hack

It’s hardly a secret that when it comes to web hosting, bargain-basement isn’t always best. Quite to the contrary in fact as when it comes to general performance, customer service, reliability and so on and so forth, you get what you pay for…it’s as simple as that. Which in turn means that if you aren’t … Read more

Local SEO – It’s Become a Whole Lot More Important!

Local search engine optimisation has come along leaps and bounds over recent years, though looks to be taking some of its boldest strides to date as of 2015. Once a tool primarily used by a few scattered local businesses here and there, what’s becoming clearer by the day is how Google is putting more focus … Read more

Free Web Hosting Vs Professional – Five Key Differences

When you’re just starting out as a small business or find yourself in any way struggling to make ends meet, the idea of free web hosting is almost too tempting to resist. In fact it’s totally too much to resist for hundreds of thousands of businesses the world over who right now are running sites … Read more

What Makes for Secure Web Hosting? Five Questions to Ask

Keeping your website safe from hackers and generally unpleasant characters on the whole can be something of a full-time job. After all, when the hackers of the US log off for the evening and hit the hay, their counterparts on the other side of the world finish their cornflakes and resume their illegal bidding – … Read more

Student Web Hosting – Not So Black and White

For the vast majority of students there are of course millions of more important things to blow money on than web hosting…and we all know what they are. That’s precisely why outside the hobbyist arena and to some extent the smallest of businesses, students represent one of the biggest markets in the world when it … Read more

Web Hosting for Dummies – First Timer Tidbits

If you’re the type that’s given much thought to getting yourself a web hosting package but always give up before getting started having thought it too complicated, rest assured you’re not alone. Far from it in fact as breaking through the seemingly hard shell in order to get to grips with hosting can seem a … Read more

Is It Time You Switched Hosting Teams? Questions to Ask Yourself

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Business Hosting Packages – The Most Crucial Considerations

Here’s a question – would you try and build a huge apartment block on a plot of land more suited to a single trailer home? Of course you wouldn’t, which is precisely why you should never try to build a business on top of a web hosting package that’s hardly even powerful enough to support … Read more

Building Your First Ever Website? A Few Hosting Considerations

It’s as exciting as it is from time to time nerve-wracking – setting up and launching your own website is a bit like watching your own baby walk for the first time…sort of. The thing is though, where so many newbies end up selling themselves short is by failing to give sufficient thought to the … Read more

Hosting Costs – Spending Less by Thinking More

There’s nothing worse than getting your site up and running, only to find that in order to keep it up and running you need to buy a load of accessories and add-ons from your hosting company. The trouble is that when and where anyone rushes into a decision, they leave themselves wide open to the … Read more