What Can A Professional Web Designer Do That I Can’t?

Given that it’s entirely possible (not to mention cheap) to build DIY websites right now, that’s entirely what millions are doing. Even if you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge, there are various engines, packages and content management systems that can make the process pretty simple. So given that it’s a possibility, what are … Read more

Four Key Web Design Trends to Take Into 2016

To say that 2015 has been something of a Pivotal year in the evolution of web design and marketing would be an understatement to say the least. Despite the fact that we already had a pretty good idea of what to expect, the scale and scope of change throughout the year has been truly extraordinary. … Read more

Web Design – Five Ways New Business Enthusiasm Backfires

As every successful small business owner knows, it’s of crucial importance to hit the ground running from day one. Keeping up with the competition is one thing – actually stepping ahead of the game is something else, though in both instances you cannot expect to succeed by sitting idly by and waiting for success to … Read more

The Most Common Web Design Mistakes Made by Small Business

For small businesses with limited capital to play with, a website can effectively be the business…at least in terms of determining its success or otherwise. With no shop floor, no specific office and no physical means of pulling in the punters, it’s a case of making sure your website covers all bases and gets noticed. … Read more

Apple Move To The iCloud

Apple reveals iCloud!

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference this week, Apple CEO finally revealed one of the technology companies’ worst kept secrets – the iCloud. The new service aims to, according to Jobs, “demot(e) the PC and Mac to just be a device”.  Following on from cloud-based services from Amazon and Google, the iCloud service will allow users … Read more

Internet Giants Test Out IPv6

Web design

Ever heard of IPv6?  No?  Well, you are not alone.  Most web design professionals and owners will not be aware of it yet, but it is a development that is coming your way – though not, admittedly, terribly soon. However, a number of major internet brands have been testing the new internet address system this … Read more

Webmasters Offered Schema.org to Improve SEO


Anyone with a webpage trying to improve their SEO received a big hint of the way of things to come this week with the launch of Schema.org from search engine leaders Bing, Yahoo, and Google.  Aimed, essentially, at making their own lives easier, the venture hopes to get website owners and designers to start using … Read more

Google Offers Tips for “High Quality” SEO Content

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After Google’s recent major algorithm update, rolled out across the globe over the last couple of months, many websites were surprised about the widespread effect the changes had. After much questioning and commentary, the Google blog masters posted a list of 23 questions that they use, amongst many other inputs to the algorithm, to help … Read more