Seven Ways to Get More Value from Your Social Media Images

Here’s a question – what would social media be without fantastic images? The answer – painfully bland and boring. Quality pictures are inherently more impactful and memorable than any combination of words you could ever put together. Hence the reason why they form such an important aspect of a wider social media marketing package. Still, … Read more

How you can get more followers on Twitter

A screenshot of the code working

Hi again Pivotal followers. We have another really handy tip for you. If you liked our guide on how to add all friends on Facebook then you’ll definitely like this. Below is a guide on how to follow thousands of people on Twitter. A lot of them will follow you back. You can then use a similar code … Read more

Social Website Survey Examines Public Use

Social Website Survey Examines Public Use

Well known research company, Pew Research Center recently found some interesting results when looking into habits of social networks website users. To get their results, Pew surveyed over 2,000 adult participants. Overall, Pew found that 32% of social site users are between the ages of 23 and 35, 16% are between 18 and 22, 26% … Read more