Seven Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing (and Five Errors to Avoid)

Once considered an optional addition to a wider digital strategy, social media marketing is now a compulsory prerequisite. At least, for marketers looking to reach the world’s largest audience of connected consumers and generate a potentially huge ROI.  The sheer size and complexity of the social media landscape can make it difficult to know where … Read more

10 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Marketing Expert

Why hire a social media marketing expert, when you’re perfectly capable of tackling the basics in-house? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by business owners in the UK. Slowly but surely, it’s being acknowledged that owning and operating multiple social media accounts isn’t optional. If you expect to remain relevant on even … Read more

Gen Z Doesn’t Trust You, But You Need It To

Generation Z is a notoriously difficult and discerning market like none encountered to date. As far as business owners worldwide are concerned, Gen Z seems to exist for no reason other than to scrutinise, speculate and speak their minds with brutal honesty. Nevertheless, the eldest members of the Gen Z demographic will be turning 22 … Read more

Seven Ways to Get More Value from Your Social Media Images

Here’s a question – what would social media be without fantastic images? The answer – painfully bland and boring. Quality pictures are inherently more impactful and memorable than any combination of words you could ever put together. Hence the reason why they form such an important aspect of a wider social media marketing package. Still, … Read more

Is Buying Social Proof Really Worth the Risk?

Just for the record, what we’re actually talking about here is purely quantitative social proof.   Hiring influencers at any price to sing the praises of your products, services or brand in general has the potential to work wonders. And it’s a tactic that’s been used by the biggest businesses in the world for generations. After … Read more

The One-in-Seven Social Media Rule Explained

Keeping up to speed with each and every social media marketing‘rule’ is tricky. Which is why the best advice is to focus on the rules and standards that carry the most weight. One of which being the often-overlooked one-in-seven rule. A favourite among established digital marketers, though one that often slips under the radar of business owners. … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Need Paid Social in Your Digital Strategy

Chances are that if you’re active on social media, you’ve frequently come across the word ‘promoted’ or ‘sponsored’ alongside something or other.  If so, you’ve seen paid social doing its business. Right now, more businesses of all sizes than ever before are bringing paid social into their wider digital strategies. The power and influence of social … Read more

Tweaking Your Twitter Strategy for Improved Engagement

While Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest and most popular social media platform, the power of Twitter from a business perspective is largely unparalleled. The reason being that no social media platform provides brands and customers alike with the same opportunity to interact and engage in real-time. The only problem being that comparatively few businesses and … Read more

The Social Media Playbook – Making Your Posts Count

We’ve all come across social media posts that we’ve taken to heart, shared with our friends and in some cases can still remember to this day. Likewise, we’ve also forgotten 99.99% of all social media posts we’ve ever read having been less than impressed at the time of coming across them. So here’s the question … Read more