What’s the Secret Behind the Best Backlinks?

It is no longer a secret that when it comes to backlinks, you might as well not even bother unless you’re talking quality backlinks. There was a time when low-end backlinks would at least help you a little bit if used in large quantities, but those days are over. Then came the day when crappy … Read more

SEO Freebies – How You Can Boost Your Strategy for Free

Nothing of use in the business world comes free of charge and SEO is certainly no exception. Even in the case of the most generously low-priced SEO company, you’ll still be looking at an outlay for every single thing they do for you – SEO doesn’t grow on trees, after all. That being said, it’s … Read more

SEO Outsourcing – The Earlier, the Better

The plain and simple fact about SEO outsourcing is the earlier you get to it, the better. Even in the early days of a business it’s important to get things moving on the right foot, which of course means taking care of all necessary marketing efforts to help spread the good word of what’s on … Read more

Forbes’ Five Stupidest SEO Mistakes – How Many Are You Making?

Forbes has once again decided to delve into the subject of SEO in order to shed light on what it’s cheerfully calling the ‘stupidest’ mistakes you can and possibly do make from time to time. Having identified the rather congested nature of the instructional side of the SEO literature market, the business gurus went ahead … Read more

The Five Rules for Quality Link Building

In the SEO landscape as a whole it would probably be fair to say that link building really is as old as the hills. Ever since the power of Google and Co. was realised quite a few years back, SEO professionals the world over have been using the power of the backlinks to drum up … Read more

HTML5 and CSS3 over JavaScript for seo

Having a website that is sure to be as productive as possible and generate the traffic that is needed to be successful, requires someone to take the time to develop their skill set and learn about the newest forms of technology available to him or her. It can sometimes be a daunting task to learn … Read more

Compromising Between Usability and Good SEO

Sometimes you may find that optimizing a site for search engines and also for the users experience clash. This is a bit ironic to say the least as search engines are designed to spider and index sites according to what they offer the user. As time goes on the gap between a good site and … Read more

Who this Blog is Aimed at

It is important to note that all tips and tricks written about here in this blog are given freely. They have been learnt through trial and error, through reading and through thorough researching into the cavernous subject of search engine optimization (I am going to use a ‘z’, for all you picky Brits since the … Read more