Inventory and SEO Performance – More Inter-Connected Than You Might Think

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you e-commerce merchandising strategy wouldn’t have the biggest impact on your site’s SEO performance. But you’d also be wrong. When looking to optimise the performance of your e-commerce business, a solid merchandising strategy has multi-faceted benefits that extend far beyond the obvious. The following examples may be routinely overlooked, … Read more

Choosing a First-Class SEO Specialist

If you’re the type that depends on your ecommerce site to get by, chances are you won’t take chances when it comes to organising its online marketing campaign. However, sourcing the best SEO specialist isn’t what you’d call easy when considering the sheer volume of providers on the market today. For every decent firm out … Read more

Local SEO – It’s Become a Whole Lot More Important!

Local search engine optimisation has come along leaps and bounds over recent years, though looks to be taking some of its boldest strides to date as of 2015. Once a tool primarily used by a few scattered local businesses here and there, what’s becoming clearer by the day is how Google is putting more focus … Read more

Newsworthy Vs Evergreen – Striking the Balance

With thousands of studies having come and gone, we’ve pretty much come to trust the 15-second rule as gospel. That being that when a newcomer hits your website, you’ve got about 15 seconds to grab their attention or lose them forever. The long and short of it is that so many businesses and webmasters aren’t … Read more

Six SEO Metrics of Key Future Focus for Google

Trying to predict the behaviour of Google from one day to the next is a bit like relying on a crystal ball to secure a lottery win. Some think they’ve got all the answers…or at least pretend they can see the future…but when put on the spot, they’re actually as clueless as the rest of … Read more

Danger Signs – How Not to Pick an SEO Support Partner

When you set about looking for the best partner in SEO support, chances are you’ll find plenty of tips as to the traits and qualities to be on the lookout for. However, it’s just as or perhaps even more important to know which kind of danger signs to also look out for and avoid at … Read more

SEO Outsourcing – Warnings to Watch For

They’re always telling you precisely what you should be looking for in an SEO outsourcing partner, but what about the things you should be looking to avoid altogether? In so many instances, it can take just one weak link in the chain to see the whole thing reduced to nothing and given the importance of … Read more

SEO That Works – Would You Recognise it?

If you’re in any way familiar with SEO or online marketing, you’ll probably have come across the “content is king” cliché so often it makes you a little bit sick. Understandable, if for the only reason that it became the most highly-preached SEO lesson/rule of them all over recent years and has since been the … Read more

Sure-Fire Signs of a Dodgy SEO Provider

Going about the process of picking an SEO outsource partner is something that really cannot be taken lightly these days. SEO has taken over as the single most important marketing tool on the face of the Earth and for most businesses can be something of a ‘make or break’ investment. Make the right choice and … Read more

2015’s SEO Essentials

Each of the last few years has had its own unique list of rules when it came to SEO and getting it right. The importance of appealing to the major search engines have grown steadily over time, which has of course led to more and more time, effort and money being pumped into SEO than … Read more