Local SEO – It’s Become a Whole Lot More Important!

Local search engine optimisation has come along leaps and bounds over recent years, though looks to be taking some of its boldest strides to date as of 2015. Once a tool primarily used by a few scattered local businesses here and there, what’s becoming clearer by the day is how Google is putting more focus … Read more

Slipping Down the Rankings? A Few Points to Consider

It’s a common nightmare none of us would like to face but sadly most will. All seems to be going as it should, you best efforts are being rewarded and then, all of a sudden you experience a drop in the rankings. No word from Google and no obvious problems with the site you run, … Read more

How to Format Your Keywords to Stand Out from Other Content

When the Internet first took off, there was a bit of confusion about what it took to get a site to rank well. Many highly knowledgeable programmers knew that keyword tags were crucial to page ranking and took their time to develop the perfect tags to associated with each keyword to get them optimal ranking. … Read more

Why Should My Site Contain Popular Phrases Related to My Niche?

When someone searches for something online, they will typically search for a phrase regarding the subject, rather than just one or two words. Many people view this as the best way to get the information they need in a short amount of time. If you want to reach a target audience, it is a good … Read more

Why Does Content Have to be Unique?

Many sites make the mistake of assuming that unique content is not important. They think that they can have similar content to another site and still get the traffic that they want and need. Unique content is essential because it will make your site stand out with the search engines. The search engines have access … Read more

What Counts as Informative Content?

When selecting content for your site, it is important to consider the content carefully before placing it for the world to see. If the content you place on your site is filled with useless information, it will be of no use to your potential readers. Many sites make the mistake of choosing keywords for their … Read more

Why at SEO My SEO we love what we do

Helping a company build a strong SEO strategy is a very rewarding experience. At SEO My SEO, we enjoy being able to see a company quickly gain search engine ranking and see an increase in traffic. We know that it can be difficult to know which SEO company to choose to use for SEO strategies, … Read more