What to Do When Your Site Isn’t Converting Visitors

If you thought there was nothing more frustrating than a website that doesn’t attract any visitors, think again. Worse still is a website that pulls in plenty of traffic, but for some reason fails to convert those visitors. You’re convinced you’re getting everything right and you clearly have a search marketing strategy that’s working. In … Read more

How to Reduce Bounce Rates and Improve Conversions

The importance of boosting conversions is self-explanatory, but what exactly is a ‘bounce’? And how do you reduce bounce rates? Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who enter a website and subsequently exit (“bounce”) without viewing any other pages or interacting further in the same visit.  This can occur by way of any of … Read more

Important E-Commerce Optimisation Lessons Learned in 2014

The year’s end always represents an opportune moment to take stock of what’s been learned across the e-commerce landscape in order to ensure 2015’s marketing and promotional strategies are as viable and valuable as possible. Once again, hundreds of thousands of newly opened stores have put additional pressure on those already in business, forcing retailers … Read more