Four Ecommerce Trends Set to Dominate in 2021

2020 brought about one of the most dramatic shifts in the ecommerce landscape since the advent of online retail. The unfortunate and completely unforeseen events of the year spurred an enormous spike in ecommerce activity worldwide, which is now predicted to continue indefinitely. In the United States alone, total annual ecommerce revenues are expected to … Read more

Putting Checkout Abandonment Back in Check

Irrespective of the size and nature of the business, checkout abandonment is a real headache. On one hand, you can’t expect all (or even most) would-be customers to go through with their purchases. On the other, taking a passive approach means denying yourself potentially huge improvements.  Just because the average checkout abandonment rate is around … Read more

Easy Ways to Encourage More Reviews

Why do you need to care whether or not your customers leave any reviews? For one thing, nearly 85% of people view online reviews as having the same value as personal recommendations. What is more, average sales are 30% higher with businesses that offer plenty of customer reviews. More sales and greater authority in your … Read more

How To Increase Product Page Conversions Right Now

While there are literally thousands of different approaches when it comes to increasing product page conversions, the vast majority have something unfortunate in common: They take quite a long time to begin showing signs of fruition. Of course, quality web marketing is all about approaching the strategy as something of a marathon, rather than a … Read more

Fraud Matters to Online Shoppers – Make Sure It Matters to You Too

Online business owners face a great many barriers when it comes to establishing trust with their target audiences. Some of these are entirely within the control of the brand itself – reputation management, offering excellent service and being a generally reputable seller for example are all things an e-commerce business can control. However, when it … Read more