The Key Features Every Mobile Travel Site Needs

Booking holidays and making travel plans via mobile devices has become less a niche alternative and more the exclusive standard for millions. The appeal of being able to book even the most far flung and complicated journeys with just a few touches on a tiny screen is huge to say the least. But at the … Read more

What ‘Mobile Friendly’ Means for E-Commerce Websites

It’s relatively difficult to understand how Google’s recent algorithmic change which placed wholly more importance on mobile before took anyone by surprise. It’s been common knowledge for years that mobile was and is still taking over as the world’s primary web access method – how this could have slipped the attention of any webmaster is … Read more

Three Key SEO Trends for 2015

To look at 2014’s most important and widespread SEO trends is to view a landscape that is almost unrecognisable from that of just two short years ago. The way things are accelerating as of late is quite incredible and foreboding to say the least, at least from a web marketing perspective. However, there are those … Read more