Time to Find a New Hosting Company? Here’s How

It’s common to underestimate the importance of working with the best possible web hosting company. That is, until you bear the brunt of a bum deal.  Whether starting out from scratch or stepping up to something better, there’s much to be taken into account. So before diving into the first cheap hosting package that comes … Read more

The Five Elements of an Ideal Small Business Hosting Partner

Without the luxury of massive capital and general security to fall back on, small businesses have to make sure that when it comes to partnering up with third-parties, they make the right decision the first time. Sadly, this has always proved much easier said than done as when it comes to the hundreds, maybe even … Read more

What Solid Hosting Means in 2014

Web hosting services have come a long way in recent years and the kinds of optional extras that once cost a fortune are now being offered for next to nothing – free of charge in some cases. It’s now perfectly possible for any first-time amateur to try their hand at building and running their own … Read more