Green Web Hosting – What Is It and Why Does it Matter?

These days, more people than ever before are fully reliant on the Internet to make a living. The sheer number of website springing up by the day is impossible to put a figure to, though suffice to say the world’s hosting services are being pushed to their very limits like never before.    Demand for powerful … Read more

What Is Green Web Hosting?

green hosting

Many of us are making increasing efforts to “go green”, and we know what that means for us at home – more recycling, reduce water and energy wastage, and perhaps drive less, for example. However, what exactly is meant by “green hosting”?  How can web hosts be eco-friendly? The idea of green hosting has really taken … Read more

Host Them Green To Keep Them Keen

Host them green to keep them keen we always say. Although green web hosting as a market is flooded, it is truly difficult to determine how green the service you are getting is. Many providers say they are green, but how green are they? Do their hosting services offer a renewable energy supply? Or are they offering to … Read more