How to Succeed as a ‘Challenger’ Brand

Don’t misconstrue – challenger brands have been around since the dawn of time. It’s just that somebody somewhere decided to give the classic ‘underdog’ business a more modern handle.  If you operate any kind of business that’s up against bigger and more successful competition, you officially qualify as a challenger brand. Technically speaking therefore, pretty … Read more

6 Reasons to Add Podcasts to Your Content Marketing Strategy

With countless types of content to choose from, it’s common to overlook podcasts. Or for that matter, view them as a little on the old-fashioned side.  The thing is though, strategic use of podcasts can bring the most incredible value to a wider content marketing strategy. Something truly unique that isn’t delivered by anything else … Read more

Why Now Could Be the Time to Start Your Online Business

Attempting to find even the faintest silver lining in the whole Covid-19 crisis is a largely fruitless endeavour. Painting an accurate long-term picture of what’s to come is far from easy, but one outright inevitability is ongoing insecurity for workers and businesses.  Across Europe as a whole, it’s estimated that approximately 59 million are at … Read more

Five Fatal Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

In the world of web design, nothing matters more than the quality of your landing pages. You only get one chance to make the right first impression – landing pages determine whether or not it happens. Even if you attract vast amounts of traffic, you will not succeed if you’re making the most common landing … Read more

Building a Professional Online Sales Image

Back in the day, your parents probably told you that image isn’t everything. A great ethos for life in general, but unfortunately one that really doesn’t apply in a business or sales setting. The simple fact of the matter is that if your business sells anything online, image is everything. Over and above product quality … Read more

Another Roundup of Key Digital Marketing Statistics

It’s that time of the month again when we share a handful of our favourite digital marketing statistics from the UK and beyond. This instalment, there’s a handful of select nuggets from the world of voice search, social media and conservation. Some of which you may find enlightening, maybe even relevant for your own digital efforts. … Read more

Four SEO Reasons to Launch a Business Blog

From a marketing perspective, launching a business blog comes highly recommended. The benefits of business blogging are as wide reaching as they are accessible. Both for keeping your customers informed and enhancing your authority, a blog is essential.  Nevertheless, the potential SEO benefits of business blogging are often overlooked. As part of a wider SEOstrategy, a good business blog has … Read more

Five Reasons to Get into A/B Testing

Striving for continuous improvement as a business owner means near-constant experimentation. The longer you allow your business to ‘coast’ along, the greater the chance it will begin to stagnate.  From boosting traffic to improving conversion rates to maximising engagement to increasing the average spend of every customer, there’s a lot to focus on as a … Read more

The Three Most Important Rules for Successful eCommerce

Every successful business owner would probably give you their own golden rules for making it in eCommerce. Suffice to say, some of which would be more useful and relevant than others. Still, irrespective of the type of business you intend to establish, there are certain standards you need to address to succeed. So whether you’re … Read more