What Conversion Rate Should You Be Targeting?

Here’s a question – what exactly is a ‘good’ conversion rate? The answer…well, let’s just say it’s an answer that differs enormously from one business to the next. The reason being that what represents a perfectly acceptable conversion rate for one business could be considered no less than disastrous for another. Plus, there’s the way … Read more

Online Commerce – Are All Ecommerce Websites in Real Danger?

There have been a lot of scare stories going around as of late that those in the e-commerce business are each and every day facing a less certain future. The reason being that the sheer volume of e-commerce ventures going live by the month is accelerating at such a pace that the whole concept has … Read more

The Simple Things That Can Transform Magento E-Commerce Sites

All over the web right now there are thousands of Magento e-commerce websites selling the same products for around the same prices – why therefore are some blistering success stories and others doomed to failure? Well, the simple answer is one of establishment and reputation as once you’ve earned a large and loyal fanbase that … Read more