How Not to Choose a Domain Name

So the rulebook on how to choose a solid domain name is getting bigger by the day, but at the same time so too is the list of mistakes being made by those who think they know better. Some are undoubtedly more painfully obvious than others, but in all cases it’s pretty amazing how making … Read more

Choosing an Ideal Domain Name – Some Rules to Follow

The domain name you choose for your website will play a bigger role in its success or otherwise than you can possibly imagine. Sounds scary, but the good news is if you follow a few simple rules, you won’t go making the same hideous mistakes as so many others are making every day.     …and here … Read more

Google Changes Highlight Importance of Domain Names

Choosing the right domain name

According to Google, ‘the display URL” (your domain name) can be an important factor in users deciding whether or not to click on your ad on the search site.  In fact, from now on, Google are going to start displaying the domain name in the headline on selected top placement ads, separated by a bar … Read more

Cheap Domains

Are you constantly searching for cheap domain names and domain registrations? Do you want to buy cheap domain names rather than expensive ones? Yes, many have little idea that there are also domain names which are less expensive and will still serve their purpose in web hosting your site. There are also sites which can … Read more