Is Duplicate Website Content Really a Big Deal?

If you know anything about search engine optimisation (SEO), you probably know that duplicate content is not a good thing. You may also be under the impression that Google and Co consider duplicate content as the ultimate SEO sin; routinely resulting in major penalties for those who fall foul of the rules.  To a degree, fearing … Read more

Interesting Yet Effective Ways to Write Faster

More haste, less speed. Wise words, unless you happen to find yourself well and truly up against the clock. Which is something that happens on a particularly regular basis for writers. The trouble is, it only ever tends to be when you are against the clock that you find yourself struggling to produce. For whatever … Read more

Making Sure Your Blog Posts Are Read, Not Just Visited

There’s a very big difference between a blog post that gets visited by 10,000 people a day and another that gets read by 10,000 people each day. Relatively few businesses and webmasters take into account the fact that a blog hit made by a person that doesn’t read your posts in their entirety is about … Read more