8 Reasons Why Content Curation Works

Content curation refers to the process by which content is gathered from outside sources, as opposed to crafted uniquely from scratch. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a good thing for your website, it’s borderline essential.  Creating content from scratch will always be fundamentally important if you want to build your own voice and … Read more

Content Creation Vs Curation – Understanding the Difference

There are essentially only two ways of getting together the kind of content you need to make your website a success – creation and curation. These days, everyone knows the importance of killer content, not only for the sake of readers but also to make sure search engines take a liking to the site. The … Read more

Curating Content – Take It and Make it Your Own

Creating content means taking a blank sheet of paper and coming up with interesting and engaging content for your website that’s 100% unique and uses no information, facts or figures from anywhere else. Or in other words, it’s a bit like sitting down and writing the news instead of just reporting on it…not the easiest … Read more