Small Business Blogging: Maximising the Value of Every Post

The primary goals of almost every small business owner are to generate more sales and make more money. Small business blogging can assist with both of these objectives, but must nonetheless be approached strategically. Unfortunately, far too many SMBs approach small business blogging as something of an administrative ‘box to tick’. Roughly translated, they don’t … Read more

How To Start A Blog THE RIGHT WAY

Starting a blog as something of a side-project for your existing business is all well and good. But what if you want to build a blog that becomes a successful business in its own right? What are the first steps on the road to becoming the next blogging superstar? Just to get one thing out … Read more

Three Blog Writing Myths to Steer Clear Of

Blogging purely for marketing purposes is nothing unusual. Producing interesting posts to be read by your audience is one thing, but it’s more likely that you will be more interested in your SEO profile than in their amusement. Quite understandable, considering how more than 90% of all web experiences start with a web search. The … Read more

Likeable and Shareable Content: One and the Same?

If you’ve previously heard the terms “likeable content” and “shareable content” and have assumed they were the same thing…well, you are far from in the minority. You may assume that linkable content is surely shareable, just as shareable content must be linkable. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the two don’t have their differences. Shareable … Read more

Why Duplicate Content Is Bad for Your Website

Here’s an interesting fact you may not be aware of – your website will in fact not be punished by Google, simply for featuring duplicate content. It’s a matter of widespread misunderstanding, which stems from the fact that duplicate content can certainly harm your SEO strategy. In reality, it’s simply a case of duplicate content … Read more

The Secret to Superior Video Scripts Revealed

When you come across a boring marketing video, it doesn’t just waste your time. It also tarnishes whatever opinion you may have had about those who came up with it. So you have to ask yourself – what are others saying about your own video content? Without a killer script, marketing videos have little to … Read more

8 Reasons Why Content Curation Works

Content curation refers to the process by which content is gathered from outside sources, as opposed to crafted uniquely from scratch. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a good thing for your website, it’s borderline essential.  Creating content from scratch will always be fundamentally important if you want to build your own voice and … Read more

What Makes Certain Content Go Viral?

Here’s a question – have you ever published anything at all online that has gone viral? As those who have will know, there’s nothing quite like watching what appears to be a freak influx of traffic and exposure grow, continue growing and soon enough blast right into the stratosphere. It’s a pretty overwhelming feeling. Not … Read more

Simple Yet Effective Video Marketing Ideas

Chances are that by this stage in time, you are aware of the fact that online video is a pretty big deal. 500 million hours of video being watched on YouTube every day, 500 million Facebook users accessing video clips daily – numbers that really do speak for themselves. The simple point being that if … Read more

A Handy Monthly Checklist to Keep Your Business Blog on Track

If you give your blog the appropriate attention and time, it will reward you for your continuous efforts. By contrast, fail to look after it and it might bring you nothing but bother. The issue being that while many business blogs start out truly great, their respective webmasters and owners sooner or later start letting … Read more