Four SEO Reasons to Launch a Business Blog

From a marketing perspective, launching a business blog comes highly recommended. The benefits of business blogging are as wide reaching as they are accessible. Both for keeping your customers informed and enhancing your authority, a blog is essential.  Nevertheless, the potential SEO benefits of business blogging are often overlooked. As part of a wider SEOstrategy, a good business blog has … Read more

Three Blog Writing Myths to Steer Clear Of

Blogging purely for marketing purposes is nothing unusual. Producing interesting posts to be read by your audience is one thing, but it’s more likely that you will be more interested in your SEO profile than in their amusement. Quite understandable, considering how more than 90% of all web experiences start with a web search. The … Read more

Making The Right WordPress Hosting Decision

WordPress Hosting

If you are running your website using the massively popular WordPress software, then you are not alone – many thousands of other website owners are doing the same. When it comes to hosting for your WordPress site though, can you be sure that your web hosting company is the right one?  Just because the technology … Read more

WordPress Hosting Questions Answered

Why choose a host which advertises as a ‘WordPress’ host? Firstly, if you don’t know what a wordpress host is, you may be reading this thinking… yeah why? Well, WordPress has only a few requirements in order to be installed but those requirements are important to hosting a reliable content managed site. It helps to … Read more