000Webhost Finally Admits Massive User-Data Hack

It’s hardly a secret that when it comes to web hosting, bargain-basement isn’t always best. Quite to the contrary in fact as when it comes to general performance, customer service, reliability and so on and so forth, you get what you pay for…it’s as simple as that. Which in turn means that if you aren’t … Read more

2015’s Most Crucial Web Hosting Tips

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Choosing a Hosting Package – What Not to Do

Each and every day, the web gets flooded with a million and one complaints from those that have signed up for a year-long hosting package and realised by day three that they made a big, big mistake. Sadly, in about 99% of such cases the fault is that of the disgruntled party and really they … Read more

WordPress Website Hosting

One kind of open source application is WordPress, which has become very well known nowadays. It allows users to use it in a convenient and easy way to manage and publish online content without any programming knowledge and expertise. Initially, the main aim was to enable bloggers with WordPress to publish their work online without … Read more

Things You Should Know About Affordable Hosting

To find web hosting at affordable prices has become a basic need for electronic commerce. The only good thing today is that there are websites or web hosts that fit the needs of small and large companies. Now that companies’ web access days are separated from their competitors, there are a lot more companies offering … Read more

Affordable Hosting to Boost Your Career

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