Social Website Survey Examines Public Use

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Social Website Survey Examines Public Use
Social Website Survey Examines Public Use

Well known research company, Pew Research Center recently found some interesting results when looking into habits of social networks website users. To get their results, Pew surveyed over 2,000 adult participants.

Overall, Pew found that 32% of social site users are between the ages of 23 and 35, 16% are between 18 and 22, 26% are between 36 and 39, while 6% are users 65 and up.

As for as the social sites used, 92% of users have a Facebook, 29% have MySpace, 18% have a LinkedIn, while 13% use Twitter.

Because of Facebook making up the highest percentage of results, it also produced the most interesting results. Participants were asked whether they felt that most people could be trusted. Pew found that regular Facebook users are 43% more trusting than non-users.

With the average Facebook user has 229 friends, the survey also showed Facebook users have closer relationships, are more social than others, and are more politically active in their views and community.

Some had previously contended that the use of online social networking had the opposite effect of making people less social in real life. As far as how Facebook users were connected, the poll found 22% were acquaintances from high school, 12% family members, 10% coworkers, and 9% went to college together. Which serves well as a counter argument for this.

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