Six Reasons to Invest More in Email Marketing This Year

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The imminent death of email marketing has been predicted and proclaimed for some time. Typically by those who seem to overlook the facts. When you closely examine the facts and figures from a 2020 perspective, you quickly realise it’s not quite dead and buried yet.

In fact, there’s a hell of a lot of life left in it. 

An effective email marketing strategy can complement PPC marketing, SEO and a wider marketing and branding strategy. It can also prove even more cost-effective than almost any of its counterparts.

So for those who’ve underestimated the value and importance of email marketing as of late, here are a few reasons you might want to consider investing more in email marketing this year:

Worldwide, 293 billion emails were transmitted in 2019.

To put it another way, this equates to approximately 804 million emails being sent and received on a daily basis. Reading between the lines, it’s pretty clear that email still plays an important role in the lives of most connected people worldwide. Hence, it is a great way of reaching just about anyone with any message and at any time.

Email has a surprisingly robust average ROI.

Research suggests that for every $1 spent on an effective email marketing strategy, it’s possible to generate up to $38 in return. This equates to an average ROI that towers over anything that’s possible via social media marketing, PPC or SEO. It’s also why email marketing can be the ideal choice for smaller businesses and those with limited marketing budgets.

Approximately 85% of all emails sent reach their destination

Open and read rates vary significantly, but it’s estimated that around 85% of all emails sent successfully reach their intended destination. Again, this is a much higher success rate than any comparable marketing strategy. Not to mention, one that is surprisingly accessible and affordable. 

Automation makes email marketing a breeze

There are countless automation tools available these days that can simplify every aspect of your email marketing strategy. It’s important not to rely too heavily on automation, but a helping hand from a quality app or software suite is something else entirely. Email marketing is also a relatively simple strategy, the basics of which can be picked up by just about anyone.

Thank you emails and welcome emails are a hit 

When a customer (prospective or existing) receives a thank you email or welcome email with a link to something they can download, the average open rate is almost 90%. Equally impressively, such emails have a huge 35% click-through rate. Rates are even higher when the link points to a tangible downloadable, such as a discount coupon or venture. 

Campaign segmentation should be considered mandatory

Personalisation holds the key to a successful email marketing campaign. To illustrate the point as clear as can be, campaigns that are segmented typically generate 750% more revenues than those that are not. Hence, even if it means investing extra time and effort in the campaign, you’ll be looking at a huge ROI increase that more than justifies the outlay. 

One cart abandonment email is not enough

Sometimes, it takes more than just a single gentle reminder to push lost customers in the right direction. In fact, research suggests that when you send three abandoned cart emails rather than one, you’ll generate approximately 69% more sales from these near-lost customers. 

Email is better for new customer acquisition than Twitter or Facebook

Rounding things off with a stat that’s hard to believe, and even more difficult to explain. Believe it or not, email marketing has the capacity to be 40 times more powerful than Facebook or Twitter where new customer acquisition is concerned. Get it right and there really is no better way of expanding your audience.

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