Site Speed Improvement

Site Speed Improvement should be high on your priorities for your website, read more to find out why.

Here’s a question – how long do you wait for a website to load? How much time are you willing to give a web page to appear, before walking away and never coming back?

If you’re part of the vast majority of web users, the answer is – no longer than 2 seconds.

Incredibly, research has shown that when a website or page takes longer than 2 seconds to load up, the likelihood of the web user disappearing permanently skyrockets. These days, a fraction of a second really can make all the difference. As consumers continue to grow increasingly impatient, web businesses are expected to deliver results instantaneously. If not, they’ll simply fall into the open arms of the competition.

Pivotal is proud to offer a comprehensive range of site speed improvement services, guaranteed to take your website’s performance to the next level. If looking to provide every visitor to your website with the kind of user experience that generates more conversions and repeat business, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call!

Our Offer

 site speed improvement

Unless you have an extensive experience and comprehensive technical knowhow, it can be difficult to know where to start. You may know your site isn’t performing as strongly as it could be, but lack the expertise to go about the optimisation process.

Here at Pivotal, we offer a comprehensive range of website performance improvements and enhancements services, suitable for every type of business and website across the board.

As always, we begin the process by carrying out a complete audit of your website from top to bottom. We take into account every design element, the complete content of your website, its navigation system, coding and even the hosting service provider and package you are currently using. By carefully considering each and every aspect of your website across the board, we can create a tailored and targeted strategy for improved performance.

In most instances, we can transform the speed and performance of any website without making any changes whatsoever to its design or visual elements. There are hundreds of options to explore when it comes to optimising and accelerating website performance – Pivotal will consider each and every one for the benefit of your business.

If you’d like to learn more about the difference site acceleration can make, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call.

Why Speed Matters
As fast, fluid and flawlessly functional websites become the new norm, this has become the only acceptable standard in the eyes of the average web user. Though speed alone may have once held very little significance, this is no longer the case at all.

From user experience to search rankings to sales and conversions across the board, site speed improvement makes a big difference. With the help of Pivotal, your site’s performance can be transformed from top to bottom, providing you with a significant edge over your competitors.

It’s often not until you take a detailed look at your site’s analytics that it becomes clear just what kind of impact speed and performance can have. Nevertheless, there are countless reasons why it is of critical importance to focus on the website speed and performance as a core priority for your business.

Website speed is the first impression you ever make
For example, everyone understands the importance of making a positive first impression. Particularly when it comes to the web, where snap judgments are made about websites and businesses in the very instant any given link is clicked. If your website appears immediately without any delay whatsoever, you’ve instantly made a strong first impression.

As far as the average web user is concerned, fast websites are professional websites that are worthy of their time. By contrast, if it takes more than a couple of seconds for your website to load up, it will be judged as unsafe, untrustworthy and unprofessional. Worse still, somewhere in the region of 80% of consumers have no intention of returning to websites they associate with slow performance.

Pivotal can help ensure your site delivers the best possible first impression, every time!

Speed is expected and demanded
We’ve already reached a period where speed isn’t considered an advantage or plus point. Instead, it is expected and demanded by web users across the board. More than half of all consumers are dissatisfied with page loading times in excess of 2 seconds. What’s more, around 40% are happy to abandon a website permanently, if required to wait more than 3 seconds for it to load up.

All of the above rings true across both desktop and mobile circles alike. Which goes some way to illustrate the importance of ensuring that whatever it is your site presents, it needs to present it as quickly as possible.

To ensure your desktop and mobile user experiences both meet the expectations of today’s demanding consumer, contact the Pivotal customer service team for a consultation.

Slow websites lose conversions
Even if visitors to your website are happy to deal with the initial performance issues, slow websites haemorrhage conversions. In fact, research suggests that four out of ten shoppers will abandon their carts before completing their purchases, simply due to internal pages taking more than 3 seconds to load. That’s a full 40% of conversions you could be losing, due to nothing other than slow and sluggish performance.

Streamlining and speeding up the performance of your website in general can be one of the simplest yet most effective ways of boosting conversion rates. Which means that if you’re struggling to isolate the problem with your on-going conversion rate issues, it could all come down to simple site performance.

Call the Pivotal customer service team today for more information on how to boost your site’s speed and conversion rates in one fell swoop.

Ask the Experts
Once again therefore, the importance of providing a user experience which is fast, fluid and flawlessly reliable cannot be overstated. To learn more about our site speed optimisation services or to arrange a quotation, get in touch with the Pivotal customer service team today.