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Linnworks removes the stress of keeping track of your e-commerce orders across multiple sales channels. This is often the biggest challenge to managers of e-commerce businesses, and we’d call it essential to success.

Using multiple channels like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento and more can seem like the best way to get your product seen. But it’s difficult to stay on top of inventory and waste and avoid over or underselling across such a range of platforms.

With Pivotal’s experts, we can implement the powerful Linnworks tool for you, and strip away those complications and uncertainty. By connecting and automating all of your sales processes and orders in one central location, Linnworks gives you the time and space to focus on growing your business.

What is Linnworks?

Linnworks is a cloud-based inventory management solution designed to remove the stress from your e-commerce business. It accomplishes this by helping retailers to manage inventory and sales in one place. Simply put, Linnworks software simplifies your sales channels and gives you the control you need.

  • Automates your selling process
  • Provides the tools to make sure your inventory levels stay balanced
  • No need to worry about overstocking or underselling
  • Focus on growing your business
  • No more stress or chaos of e-commerce shipping
  •  Build smart shipping rules to help make the best financial decisions, use only the most appropriate companies and convert currencies as needed

Linnworks also has a unique open API. This means you have the ability to customise the features you need, based on the e-commerce websites you prefer. With total flexibility, Linnworks can grow alongside your business.

Why Linnworks is Essential

The Inventory and Order Management System from Linnworks is perfect for helping you automate the different aspects of your e-commerce store. By providing you with the right tools and support, Linnworks simplifies selling, whether you’re a small start-up business or a big-name brand.

  • Combine the benefits of multiple marketplaces in one central location
  • Manage inventory, listings, orders and shipping, removing the possibility of human error
  • Eliminate stress and concern of overselling
  • Reduce your costs
  • Give you the time and freedom to focus on expanding your business

And growing your business is easier than ever, thanks to the customisable range of features Linnworks provides. By accessing all of your sales channels in one place, the software can identify new, deep insights into your operations and sales, spotting patterns that might have otherwise been overlooked.

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Why Use Pivotal?

At Pivotal, we can help you integrate Linnworks into your business with ease and efficiency, while adding a few added extras of our own. If you choose to work with us, we can offer a variety of services that further simplify your e-commerce business:

  • Onboarding Process
  • Consultancy
  • Custom Scripts
  • Custom Development
  • Automation
  • Account Management

We at Pivotal are Linnworks Certified Partners, and can offer the expertise garnered from 10 years of experience with Linnworks.

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“Linnworks has been a lifesaver and Pivotal really know their way around it!”

Sam Samson E-commerce Manager – Now This

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