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For many businesses, eCommerce or otherwise, digital marketing is a top priority. Website optimisation, testing, and more are essential techniques to ensure that your potential audience sees what you have to offer. But app development takes your game to a whole new level.

Most companies understand the need to optimise for mobile use, since so much of the world’s business is carried out online via mobile phones. However, for your brand to take it one step further, or if you have a unique idea and don’t know where to start, then app development services are the next move to make.

What are App Development Services?

People use mobile apps for everything, whether it’s as simple as setting an alarm, listening to music, or organising calendars. Globally, we spend enormous amounts of time on mobiles, and a high-quality app is the hallmark of a well-established brand.

Whether it’s promoting your business in a more streamlined, mobile-friendly way or to get an innovative concept off the ground, our app developers live to take on your ideas.

At Pivotal, our team can work with you and your business to develop iOS and Android apps. We work to create and optimise apps for eCommerce businesses, Google Play store, and Apple Appstore. We can even provide seamless cross-platform app development where we develop for both Apple and Android simultaneously.

Why App Development Services are Essential

Developing a unique app is not just a sign of your establishment and authority as a brand. It’s a proactive and long-term investment.

Our team of experts are skilled at exploring your needs and understanding your market. Together, we can work to transform your digital identity, and develop an app that serves your every need. With custom app development services, we will unlock the full potential of mobile technology for your brand.

Taking a step beyond simply optimising your website for mobile users, creating an app for your business, provides maximum value to your customers. It also streamlines business operations, and delivers an entirely new set of data to learn from.

Whether you need app development services for an established business or to help create an app from concept, Pivotal can help.

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Why Use Pivotal?

Mobile app development services from Pivotal include expert business analysis, design, and full development of your app. We work with you throughout the entire process, from concept to launch. That way we ensure that your app is fully optimised and suited to your needs.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we develop mobile applications on any desired platform to integrate with all available smartphones. Our services include:

  • Consultation and strategy to gain insights and an in-depth understanding of your needs, your market and your ideas.
  • Full design and UX to create an app that’s entirely user-focused, meeting both the goals of your business and the needs of your customers.
  • Engineering and delivery of your mobile app to meet deadlines and targets efficiently and effectively.
  • Optimisation and troubleshooting to ensure we fully integrate your new mobile app into your business, quality assurance, and a point of contact for any potential questions or changes.

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