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Harness the extraordinary and ever-increasing power of SEO, with the help of Pivotal. Find out how strategic, targeted and comprehensively white-hat SEO could transform the SERP performance of your website and give you a competitive edge. With more than 140 years’ combined experience in digital design and development, Pivotal knows exactly what it takes to capitalise on effective search engine optimisation.

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The Unique Power of SEO
To understand and appreciate the unique power of SEO, you need only look at the numbers. Google now handles approximately 40,000 searches every second of every day, which equates to more than 3.5 billion searches every 24 hours.  Each and every one of these searches being carried out by a web user on the lookout for products, services, information, entertainment and so on. For those able to hit the highest rankings, the rewards can be quite extraordinary.

Every business owner wants their website to appear on the first page.  Unfortunately, not every business deserves such a prominent SERP ranking. If you want to outperform your rivals and earn the kind of exposure that makes all the difference, you need to earn it. Google alone now takes into account more than 200 signals when determining its rankings, having made than 500 alterations to its search algorithm over the past 12 months alone.

Who Needs SEO?

search engine optimisation

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t simply enough to exist online and expect to be included in the rankings. If you have any intention of appearing prominently, search engine optimisation is an absolute must. For established businesses with enormous global audiences, this kind of everyday exposure isn’t always necessary. For the other 99% of businesses competing frantically for web traffic, SEO represents the only option for driving search traffic. To overlook or ignore SEO is to effectively turn a blind eye to hundreds, thousands or even millions of potential leads on a global basis.

For smaller and medium-sized businesses in particular, search engine optimisation is of unique importance. The reason being that strategic SEO has the potential to level the playing field like no other promotional strategy across the board. Simply by appearing prominently in the SERP rankings, even the tiniest of unknown businesses can easily outperform an established household name. In short, no marketing strategy has the potential to bring your business the same kind of exposure as effective SEO.

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SEO Statistics
To further illustrate the power and importance of SEO, consider the following statistics:

  • In 2017, approximately 80% of all global desktop search traffic was directed by Google
  • As of now, around half of all such queries contain four or more words
  • Mobile search has overtaken desktop search in around a dozen countries to date, including the United States and Great Britain
  • According to Google, the two most important signals for determining SERP rankings are high quality links and outstanding content.
  • More than 80% of marketers believe that strategic SEO is becoming more effective all the time
  • Around 70% of shoppers who carry out local searches go on to visit physical stores within a 5-mile radius

Our SEO Services


Here at Pivotal, we take pride in offering a comprehensive catalogue of SEO services and solutions under one roof. Whether starting a new business from scratch, looking to take your small business to a wider audience or ready to expand operations to international markets, we can make it happen. Our experience and expertise extend to every aspect of search engine optimisation at every level, covering the needs of small, medium and large businesses alike.

From beginning to end, you can count on the dedicated support of the Pivotal team to provide you with the professional advice and technical services you need to succeed.

SEO Consultancy
In most instances, the first phase involves the consideration and establishment of your primary SEO objectives. SEO can be used to help your business achieve any number of things, in accordance with your wider operational goals.  Establishing objectives through strategic SEO is important for enabling our team to develop an effective and workable strategy. Through committed collaboration, we’ll map out an SEO roadmap of limitless potential.

Keyword & Market Research
Our wider SEO services include comprehensive keyword research, taking into account the specifics of your target audience and related markets matters.  Rather than working with presumptions, we invest the required time and effort in pinpointing the high-value, lower-competition keywords your competitors may have overlooked. What’s more, we also fully take into account the latest technological trends and shifts, including the growing popularity of voice search.

Technical SEO Audit
If you already have a website up and running, the Pivotal team can carry out a comprehensive technical SEO audit. From looking at the most obvious SEO elements to considering the very coding of your website, we can pinpoint any and all areas for improvement where they exist. Maximising visibility means considering all aspects of your website and its coding – not just the visible on-page elements.

Onsite SEO
By taking into account your requirements and objectives, we can both advise on and provide every type of onsite SEO needed to boost your site’s performance. Pivotal will take into account your site’s internal architecture, structure and every key element that plays a role in determining SERP performance.

Penalty Recovery
As Google continues to move its goalposts and rewrite the rulebook on such a regular basis, being handed a penalty is far from uncommon. Particularly with the rollout of major algorithmic updates like Panda & Penguin, which resulted in record numbers of manual and automated penalties alike being doled out. In the event of such a penalty, Pivotal can help set things back in the right direction. By addressing the root cause of the penalty and boosting your site’s SEO profile significantly, we can help ensure your recovery is as rapid and complete as possible.

Link Building
One of the most powerful of all off-page SEO contributors, link building continues to play an important role in determining SERP rankings. These days however, it is becoming increasingly challenging to build meaningful contingencies of valid and valuable back links. Here at Pivotal, our experience and expertise in high-quality link building strategies are unsurpassed. We can provide you and your business with a bespoke link-building solution, exclusively targeting sources of the highest possible value and influence.

Content Marketing
Effective content marketing has the potential to satisfy each and every major search engine requirement across the board. Meaningful content, regularly updated content, unique content and content that’s relevant to your own target audience. Of course, content marketing is most effective of all when combined with additional SEO elements like link building, keyword research and so on.  Whether looking for independent advice or an experienced service provider to manage your content marketing strategy in its entirety, the Pivotal team has you covered!

Reporting & Analysis
Used appropriately, analytics can provide everything you need to know to continuously enhance and improve every aspect of your SEO strategy. The answers really are there right there at your fingertips – you just need to know where to find them and how to use them! Here at Pivotal, we’re obsessed with data and calculate our every move in accordance with hard facts and evidence, rather than dangerous presumptions. Along with providing you and your business with on-going reports and analytical information, we’ll strive for continuous improvement by working with the SEO performance data we collect along the way.

Social Media Management
Slowly but surely, the major search engines are beginning to factor a wide variety of social signals into their own SERP algorithms. Making now the time to start taking social media management from an SEO perspective seriously.  Social media should already be playing an important role at the heart of your wider digital strategy – call Pivotal for more information on how to make social media work harder for you.

SEO Code of Ethics
Here at Pivotal, we’re firm believers in abiding by a strict search engine optimisation code of ethics, which specifies what is and isn’t acceptable in a wider SEO strategy. Doorway pages, content scraping, spammy links, hidden text, keyword stuffing and low-grade the content in general are no longer considered acceptable and go directly against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.  Meaning that if detected, such black-hat tactics can result in severe penalties – perhaps even removal from the SERP rankings altogether.

Since going into business, we’ve consistently delivered outstanding results with every SEO strategy we’ve devised – all without ever having to resort to underhanded tactics. For us, it isn’t simply a case of following the rules for our own benefit. Those who cross the line into black-hat SEO put the very reputations and survival of their clients’ businesses on the line – something we are unwilling to do under any circumstances.

Customised SEO Campaigns
As every online business is fundamentally different, so too should be every search engine optimisation strategy. While some service providers offer a series of off-the-shelf SEO products of rather generic nature, we prefer to take a more tailored approach. With Pivotal, you’ll be provided with a 100% bespoke SEO campaign, devised, developed and implemented in direct accordance with your requirements, expectations, objectives and budget. We’ll do whatever it takes to provide you with an efficient, effective and reliable solution that delivers the best possible ROI.

In order to obtain an accurate quotation, we’ll first need to establish your requirements. Nevertheless, you can count on Pivotal to put every penny of your SEO budget to work as intensively as possible for the benefit of your business. Whether starting out from scratch or looking for a talented team to improve and enhance your existing SEO strategy, Pivotal has you covered.  We stand by the results we deliver and refuse to make promises we can’t keep.  Meaning that when we say we’ll make SEO work for you, we mean it!

We’d love the opportunity to work with you and demonstrate just how extraordinary the power of strategic search engine optimisation can be. Check out our full range of products and services on our website, or get in touch with a member of the Pivotal customer service team today to arrange an obligation-free quotation.