Get traffic with CommentLuv posting on blogs!

SEO Tip Of The Day – Get Traffic With CommentLuv

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Get Traffic With Comments

We posted a quick question on the CommentLuv Facebook page and this is what we got back. Wow, I would definitely give this a read and implement it.

Get traffic with CommentLuv posting on blogs!

Get traffic with CommentLuv posting on blogs!

The absolute best way is to start to get traffic with making posts on your site saying that you have commentluv installed and then go out there and leave awesome comments on blogs that have commentluv making sure that the post you wrote about commentluv is included as your last blog post.

A good place to start is a popular commentluv blog like, go to the guest bloggers category and READ THE ARTICLE and leave a relevant comment. It could be to ask the author a question about what they wrote or if you can add to the discussion then do so.

You can be sure to get a reply from the author because guest bloggers on are awesome sauce to get traffic and other viewers and commenters will see your link and some will click through and leave comments on your site.

When someone does leave a comment on your site, always always always reply (unless it is spam, delete those!) and click the last blog post link so they see in their stats that they are getting referrers from your site which encourages them to come back and leave more comments. Once you get to their site, if they have commentluv then you can leave a (good) comment in return.

Rinse and repeat, it only takes from a few weeks to a month of consistent commenting on commentluv blogs and reciprocating comments left on your site to see a massive difference in the amount of traffic and comments you will get.

Some Useful Ways To Get Traffic CommentLuv Pointers

  • Never leave ‘great post’ or ‘thanks!’ comments, they don’t get accepted.
  • Always READ THE ARTICLE that you’re going to comment on, there is no shortcut to the comment form. You want people to read your blog? then you need to read theirs!
  • Always reply to comments on your own blog, if the comment is not worth replying to then ask yourself if the comment is worth leaving on your article.
  • Never never never spam or self promote (at least in the beginning of your commentluv journey).
  • Explore the last blog post links that you see when you visit other commentluv blogs, this is one of the best ways to find interesting new blogs.
  • Be nice! an old Buddhist saying goes , “If you want friends, you need to be friendly” so go out there and be friendly! if someone on a commentluv blog is stuck with something that you know about then give them the answer, if they don’t know where to find something and you know where it is, tell them.

Get traffic with CommentLuv credits

Pivotal would like to thank and credit the CommentLuv Facebook administrator for this one. They gave this advice to an individual posting on their page! That is how dedicated they are. We are getting behind this one 100%. Lets see how it goes and hope we get traffic!

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  1. Seems like ComLuv is working for you, you got me here 🙂 One suggestion if you don’t mind, you’re using too many tags, they don’t look friendly (or worst, they look spammy).

    1. Post

      Thanks! I agree they do look a bit spammy. They are a bit of a temporary measure for SEO rather than user experience. I think it is about time we cut them down to the main ones. Thanks for the prompt! Your site is nice. I really like the thing that follows the mouse in the menu! Did you make that yourself?

  2. Nice tips. I’ve been doing a lot of reading n commenting lately but don’t really bother to check if they have commentluv installed. I just search for what I need to know, find, read then comment. I think i’ll have to start leveraging on this awesome plugin. I’ll be starting with your tips..

    1. Post
  3. Thanks man. BTW I have commentluv installed on my blog from day one but I don’t see my last post showing. Do I first have to register on Comluv?

  4. Post

    Yes, once you register on CommentLuv and install the plugin just make sure you tick the box under the reply box when posting. Also I would go into your CommentLuv admin section both in WordPress and on the website and be sure you have configured it correctly.

  5. Thanks for sharing very nice information about comment luv, I wanted to something inner information about that finally i got from this site, very nice blog.

  6. Great advice. It makes sense to reply other people’s comments and visit their sites and even commenting on their blogs. By that way, it will become two way traffic. Interesting technique to blog about “comment luv” and to go out and offer great comments with your latest blog being about “commentluv”.

  7. Hi dear its a incredible work.Thanks for sharing informative article.i agree with you its a very good source for websites related traffic generation.“comment luv” is a best way for collection of related sites.

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