Selenium Automation

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Selenium Testing Automation


Selenium is a free, open-source automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms. While it shares a lot of similarities with HP Quick Test Pro, the difference with Selenium is its dedication to web-based application automation. In order to cater to the needs of the testing requirements of every organisation at every level, Selenium exists as an extensive series of software solutions, as opposed to a single software package in its own right.

As the world’s dependence on technology and software continues to intensify, the importance of consistent reliability has never been greater. The vast majority of electronics on a global basis are now to some extent powered and controlled by software. The problem being that if the software isn’t able to perform exactly as required with flawless consistency, both the software and whatever it is controlling are rendered redundant.

Which is precisely where software testing comes into the equation. Across the widest spectrum of businesses at every level without exception, the success and reliability of software can and often does make all the difference.

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A Working Ecommerce Example
To put everything into some kind of context, consider any of the web’s more successful ecommerce enterprises. From Amazon to eBay and so on, these are the kinds of businesses that are 100% reliant on their websites, their mobile applications and the software that effectively powers their businesses. After all, the overwhelming majority or customers make their purchases without any interaction with anyone working for the business.

Now, consider the consequences if a fault with the software was to suddenly cap the maximum price of a series of products at £10. The kind of thing that could easily happen due to the smallest of bugs in a part of the coding behind the scenes. For obvious reasons, the company stands to make spectacular losses and perhaps suffer permanent reputational damage. It’s certainly possible to isolate the root cause of the problem and make the necessary corrections, but it simply makes sense to ensure that these kinds of issues do not happen in the first place.

Which is precisely where testing software like Selenium comes into the equation. While there’s always the option of undergoing extensive and intensive manual testing, there are various challenges and limitations to the manual approach which need to be taken into account.

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Challenges with Manual Testing
Many businesses, the vast majority in fact, go about most key testing processes manually. Either using their own workforce or outsourcing to third-party testers, a variety of standard and bespoke tests are carried out at a variety of levels. Unfortunately, the very nature of the testing process is such that it can be an extremely time-consuming and fundamentally flawed approach. The reason being that human error, mistakes, delays and oversights cannot be ruled out of the equation when relying on human testers.

The simple fact of the matter is that no human testing team of any size can outperform the most outstanding automated testing, courtesy of Selenium.

Automation Testing Beats Manual Testing
Automation of the process emerges as the clear winner every time because it is considerably faster, exponentially more accurate, requires next to no investment in manpower and delivers the kinds of consistent results you can rely on. While at the same time providing the business with a variety of additional features and functionalities – all of which can be used to maximise the effectiveness and reliability of the software.

Once again therefore, Selenium represents a consistently and significantly superior option to any conventional manual testing process of any kind. It is simply a case of determining how and to what extent Selenium can and should be used by your business. The Pivotal digital development team can help guide you through the available options, ensuring you select only the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your testing requirements.

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