The Secret to Superior Video Scripts Revealed

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When you come across a boring marketing video, it doesn’t just waste your time. It also tarnishes whatever opinion you may have had about those who came up with it.

So you have to ask yourself – what are others saying about your own video content?

Without a killer script, marketing videos have little to no value. As such, we’ll now be going over the most important pointers of all, when it comes to creating video scripts that work.

 Know Your Audience and Address Them Directly
First of all, you need to know pretty much everything there is to know about your target audience. Age, gender, geographical location, education level, hobbies and interests, occupation, desires and so on. The reason being that this is the only way you can expect to be able to talk to your audience members directly. You can only engage others if they get the immediate impression that you know and understand them. Otherwise, you’ll simply be interpreted as another brand treating them like a simple statistic.

Get Your Message Across in the First 30 Seconds
It’s not as if the modern attention span is particularly expansive at the best of times. When it comes to video marketing, you have very little time whatsoever to engage your audience. Which is why regardless of the length of your video, you need to ensure you get the primary message across within the first 30 seconds. If the message is appealing enough, they will stick around for the rest. If not, they will at least have heard your primary message before making their exit.

Ensure Visuals and Words Are Complementary 
Everything in your video should come together as one seamless package. Which means that the words you use should complement every other visual element in the video. From the tone you use to the voice to the words themselves, everything needs to build a cohesive and unified final product. In addition, don’t allow visuals to take attention away from any important scripted message you wish to deliver.

Tell a Compelling Story
It’s a point we’ve raised numerous times, the one that always warrants repeating. Make sure you focus on the kind of writing that tells a story, as opposed to simply focusing on the hard sell. Always remember that all stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Not to mention, a primary theme and set of characters. It’s all about focusing on making connections at an emotional level, in order to break down the customer-business barrier.

Use Humour Cautiously
Last but not least, humour has the potential to be extremely effective when used cautiously. Unfortunately, it’s an extremely difficult trick to pull off and one that often backfires. The thing to remember is that even if your target audience members share a great many similarities, chances are they will all have their own unique sense of humour. Which means that if you really go for it when it comes to humour, you risk alienating those who do not find the same things funny as you do. There’s nothing wrong with having fun with your videos, but be careful when it comes to any kind of reliance on humour.



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